Friday, November 29, 2013

I love the fires of fall, the warm cozy days of just being.

We had a very nice Thanksgiving.  We had all the peoples that we had hoped would come to share with us, some couldn't come, but all were wonderful people that did come to share the day with us.  The food was good, but then that usually happens, the people were there because they wanted to be and not because it was a holiday and they had to be.  The Lord blesses our lives with true friends and some of them just happen to be family.  I missed all the ones I love that couldn't be here or that just no longer wanted to be here with us.  Today the day was a slow paced day of cleaning up all the dishes left over from yesterday.  Cuddling with the Cubbie, the Bubbles, the Yogie and the Booboo in front of the fire. The house was warm with the coziness that only a fire can bring to a home. We had no place to be and nothing that had to be done.  We chilled watched TV and shared life lessons that came up in conversation.  I am so glad for moments of quiet to share with the littles that will be the future of our family.  Poppie was gone for awhile but then came and joined our time of hibernation.  I love days that are for just being and I am a big promoter of the art of hibernation.  Our age tells us that we have to be connected in some way to all of the different aspects of the outside world but we don't have we can unplug even more that we here choose to be normally unplugged.  I love that we are still able to step away and just be as we please sometimes.

I hope today you had time to be quiet with yourself or God.  The aloneness of just being with yourself and knowing you're are never alone with God in your life is like nothing else.  It can be shared with a whole family, yourself or with friends.  God can and does spend time in a silent loving manner in ways that none of us can truly understand.  I think one of the most special things to come is to be able see the wonder of God in a more revealed manner.  We, as humans, only know what he tells of himself, oh, to be in the presence of God in his realm won't that be wondrous?  I look forward to that day, I hope you do as well, and you have assurance that you will be their,with the knowing knowledge, that you are saved and going to live in eternity with Christ Jesus.  Nothing is more comforting to know than that heaven is your future... tomorrow.

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