Thursday, November 14, 2013

My computer is back from the dead, well sort of and almost.

Two days ago I shut off my laptop computer and when I restarted it my operating system would not work.  I got on my PC and took awhile but I was able to update and use it again, I don't use it much the kids play games on it but that is pretty much it.  I finally got on Blogger and I had a page error that would not let my use my new post pages of blogger.  Not matter what I did I could not blog.  The next day I spent a good deal of the day on a chat with Dell fixing my laptop, all the way back to factory installed operating systems.  All my data gone.  I do have an external drive but I had only ever backed up my PC.  I am thankful that my new camera had all the photos I have taken and down loaded on it, as I had never deleted any, I don't have any of the other data like recipes and such, sadly I learned my lesson.  I am also thankful that my dear Poppie had bought me an extended warranty on my laptop, it even has two more years so that is good.  I got done on the chat and the real work began, reloading all the programs, printers, passwords and goodness knows what, still have lots more to do before my computer is anywhere near normal.  I think I might even have the cloud now so now I have to learn to use that.  I am here to tell you I missed you all and had actually wrote a blog that I could not save or post that got lost, I think maybe I wasn't supposed to post that one as it is gone away to who knows where now.  I have lots to do still and really no time to do it, but I am now coming to you from a chrome browser because the one I was using still likes the error page code and I can't use it anymore to blog with.  So I am learning lots of new stuff in regard to the insides of my computer, I even know what the fn button is and how to use it sort of.....

I pray that your day is spent in the arms of the Lords Grace and love, I pray that the Lord Jesus is the door you are believing in to go to heaven because all others go somewhere else.  I pray for your salvation and know that nothing is more important than that in this life....tomorrow.

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