Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bubbles is such a joy sometimes..... toddlers can be such a wonder.

I rarely have gotten to spend one on one time with Bubbles.  Isn't that the way of it, the oldest child or grandchild get lots of one one one time, and eventually the youngest child or grandchild also get one on one time but the littles in the middles sometime get lost in the shuffle.  Bubbles is not a middle child as yet but she isn't the last child so she is still having to share all of her time with the older kids.  She rarely demands anything.  She is, as I have said before, very bright and does everything way ahead of time.  She is nearly all potting trained and won't be two of a little while.  She spent most of the day yesterday doing very well until Booboo came home and taught her a new game, she got so engrossed with the new of it she forgot to go.  She was the first one to run and get something to clean it up, the puddle.  She decided since she had Nannie all to herself she would have me read every single book in her book box.  I keep a large basket with all of her books probably twenty to thirty in it.  She began with the hardboard books and finished with the paper page books that she usually doesn't get to play with, once done we had to start all over.  She knew when the growls would come and the cockidoddledoo's of chicken little's friend cocky locky needed to be said.  She really likes roosters because that was her favorite first book, the one where she could say cockidoddledoo, even if it sounded like cluckacluckado.  I think she will be an avid reader when she grows up. She knows now that there is something in those books she wants and can't wait to figure out just what it is.

Today I am going to make pies for Poppie and I am going to let the littles help.  They watch as Booboo can make pies all by herself and they want to do that.  Cubbie especially likes to roll pie dough, she got to roll all the dough when we made pies for her mamma's birthday.  Bubbles likes to help but she mainly likes to use the pie dough as play dough, and when she is done we cook it up into pie dough cookies, she is just as proud as if it was a fancy french souffle.  Booboo wants lasagna for dinner so we will get that made and ready to bake.

I applied for the sub job at the Library recently, knowing that it would not be a very active job and it would give me some time out but they would probably not need me a lot.  I got a call yesterday telling me that I was one of the two ladies hired, that was nice, it will be something to look forward to but won't in the short term disrupt my scheduled non-scheduled life.  I think I will really like it, it is the first job I have actually really considered since I left the sheriff's office over 8 almost 9 years ago.  The Ladies are getting older now and thought the grands need me I might just need a bit of a change.

I pray for one and all.  I know that some of you pray daily and the Lord is hearing and answering all of our prayers on his time line.  I pray more for the ones of you who do not pray, or know not how to pray, or don't even know to whom to pray.   I pray for the glory of God in all of your lives, for those of you who know him as father, as old friend, new friend or maybe are just interested in getting to know him.  Salvation is the most important thing in this life beyond all else and any one who doesn't know that, or denies it, I am truly saddened for...... tomorrow.  

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