Thursday, November 28, 2013

Okay so I have five minutes....... The Parade is done, the turkey is turkeying and the goodies are mostly made.

We got up bright and shinny this morning, we started with the Parade on the other channel, knowing that the one on NBC starts at 9.  We were so disappointed, as we were last year with CBS view of the parade that like last year we turned on NBC to watch it.  I never watch NBC as I have said before that I think what they did to Anne Curry is horrible, as it their politic in general, so we don't watch it but on Thanksgiving Morning we have to go against our minds and give in to our children's hearts.  I have always watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade on NBC.  I raised my older children watching it as our first tradition every Thanksgiving morning, and my Littles and grands love it as much as any of us have as we grew up.  I give in one day a year and I do pray for the Lord to forgive my weakness.  I truly dislike NBC and so much of what they stand for on air that my conscious won't let me watch any of their stuff and know nothing about any of their new stuff, thought I have seen the commercials for the new MSNBC stuff and even the commercials is totally offensive to my beliefs and I am sure God agrees.  So this morning I sinned a little I am saddened by the lapse and I pray the Lord sees my good intent and forgives my sin.

The girls and the littles helped get the last of the house cleaning done, they said "it was so easy and took so little time"  I said, "when all help it is always like that, all have more time to enjoy their time".    I hope they learned that it is good to help out.  The pies were made yesterday.  Booboo made two all by herself while I took Yogie to the dentist.  I was so proud of her.  I then messed up the pecan pies but thank goodness it was forgiving and let me fix it up.  I ended up buying a cheesecake as I didn't have time to really make one and Mokie love's them and since I didn't make one for her birthday I think she deserved it. We got both turkeys going this morning, one roasting and one grilling (Poppie first and he was looking so forward to doing it.) I also cooked up the last ham from Mrs. Chops, Poppie is heartbroken it is the last,  I told him to butcher one of the small hogs and we can have it smoked by Christmas.  He just might.  I also asked him to see if Son would help in butchering the goats next weekend.  Hunting season will be done so they should have the time.  I can't wait to can the goat meat up, I will keep the shanks as Poppie does like them roasted.

We only have the gravy to make, sweet potatoes to finish in the oven and potatoes to peel.  The hunters (Mokie and Son)  will soon be home, G-Pa, G-Ma and Boy will come along, Herbalist, Professor and his son will be joining us.  The littles are enjoying the free preview from the premium channels.  We have it on the family channels so it is all family orientated.  I hope you are enjoying your loved ones as much as I am this day.  I hope you traveled or they traveled to see you and you are giving thanks to the Lord for all the things he has given you this last year.  I hope all of us give glory to the Lord this day, in our hearts, minds and souls.  I pray that if you haven't received your salvation that this Thanksgiving Day you can know the truth of God, believe, repent and be saved.... Happy Eating...... tomorrow.

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