Saturday, November 30, 2013

Busy day of doing nothings, put in the new old trundle day bed, and Poppie is moving our bedroom around for me.

Today was another day of doing just, you know when you just hang, or just this or that.  Poppie helped me bring in an old nearly antique trundle day bed he got from Herbalist.  It is about the size of a cot set up in the front room it has to metal bed ends a lot like the ones that Poppie made me the pot hanger that he refers to as "garbage".  They, though, still have almost all of their paint intact.  It has two of the smallest metal box frames you ever saw with two striped ducking fabric mattresses on them, again two of the smallest mattress I have ever seen that aren't crib or youth size.  I am cutting up one of my bedspreads to make a fitted cover for it but in the mean time I have two nice, though white, daybed covers that Lady gave me several years ago to cover it for now.  Did I tell you it is spring loaded if you take of the bungee cord off, I don't think original equipment, it wants to spring open into a double, well it would be a small double bed.  It is a nice addition to my front room that is fast becoming a throw back to the early 2000th century for decor, well that is if you don't count the 42 inch black whole that is in the center of the room for better viewing for Poppie, well that and the two computers among the plants..... so it's eclectic so to speak.

I did get Poppie to finish putting in the long table in the kitchen before Thanksgiving dinner.  It was totally cool that the old benches that my dad had made when I was about 12 fit without being cut down, so they are beautiful with all of their character still in tact. I am going to eventually paint the hutch, the table and the benches to match, but I am going to paint them depressed style.  I think painting the benches will protect them and keep them in tact for more years.  I make end up only putting a little paint and a lot of lacquer on the benches.  I do like the Poppie isn't in to deciding what goes into the house as far as interior decorations go, I know some husbands who want it their way, or maybe Poppie is either given up or actually likes my old quirky likes... who knows because he isn't saying.... though it was he that found the day bed and brought it home?

Cubbie spent the night and Bubbles came over at 1:30ish.  They both went home around 4:30ish.  It is nice to finally have just the four of us and the peace and quiet that comes with it.  We are going to veg and watch Oz the great and Powerful.  It is nice to just be us sometimes, especially on a just doing day.  I am just learning to make a braided rug that is all braided and not the sewing the braids together later kind.  Flower Child is going to teach me the finer techniques of the technique, I am so excited I have made many a braided rug but never one I didn't have to sew, so I always liked crocheting them better, this will be cool and finish the look of my front room.  Though I am sure finishing isn't something I will do, it will still be a work in progress thing I am sure.

I pray that your day was lovely, that the Lord had a hand in it.  I pray that you are in the arms of the Lord and you are giving him thanks on this thankful weekend.  I pray for your current salvation, your one to come or that you seek salvation and do not stay lost... tomorrow.

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