Friday, November 22, 2013

Do ever wonder why and think about it and really know why?

This past week has been a bit of a roller coaster, with seemingly devastating  lows and highs that brought joy untold to my heart.  I think that maybe God was telling me that I don't have to go into being devastated if I but call him before I over think myself into trials he is was not going to make me endure if I had just sought him before the devil talked me into being distraught.  I do wonder why; and when I get a little time to stand back from the situation I know why?  God had wonders to revel to me but I didn't await the outcome I instead tried to fixes things or worry them to death before his time frame reveled itself to me.  I am always trying to answer the why in the midst of the dark when if I had just awaited the dawn, God's dawning would have shown it's self in the completeness he had intended.

My reacquiring trial reared it's ugly head this week and I let myself be overwhelmed when in the end God was trying to give me a blessing, and the reality was that once I asked him what he wanted and what was his plan he blessed me more than I had ever thought in the mater.  He also used the situation to bless our family in a way that the whole of us could not have seen coming.  He chose the time to bring another of his lost sheep into his fold and the whole trial was for good.  Some of us need the dark to see our way to the light, and God was helping one more lost sheep come home while he had the 99 others of us not know why or how.  I am blessed but the lost sheep is much more blessed by the out come and the whole of his family will reap such future blessing in the end.

Sunday is to be potluck, and to me it will be especially blessed because one person there will be there for the first time, in a long time, because they wanted to be and by their choice not one made by them by others.  The choice was made freely and with God's asking, how more blessed can anyone be than that.

I hope you are in a dark place and put there by God so he can lead you to the light of understand and his love.  He is asking you in a way that can be life changing for you, and your loved ones, heed his call and walk forward to accept his gift of salvation in your life and know that the second death has no claim on you...tomorrow.

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