Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Zootown trip, Amish store run, teachers conferences, a long day behind me.

I had a very busy day yesterday.  I was up and on the road with Belle by 8 and we were off to Zootown to take one of her Littles, Little Miss, to the Dr to have a brace made for her leg.  She has had numerous operations to fix her leg.  She was born with a disability and the Dr is trying to increase her abilities to use her left leg.  She is a brave little girl that always has a smile on her face and has never let her limitations disable her in anyways.  She is a go getter that is on a path and never lets anything get in her way.  We were going to go to Costco before the Dr but it was not open when we got there so decided to find the Dr's office that we had to go to, good thing, it was in a lot different place than originally thought.  It was in a part of town I rarely go to but since I did sort of know more of the town than Belle we found it, it just took a little longer than we had thought.  We meant a elderly gentleman at the Dr's office that was  pleasure to listen to, as he told us stories of his youth.  The Office had a blind dog that one of the employees had brought so she could have her groomed.  The little dog was well trained but you could see she was nervous of her surroundings.  The Dr's office trip done we stopped at Goodwill, I got Poppie three shirts, all with long enough arms, yay, and a cake pan to make cake pops for a steal, yay.  Belle got a few items and then we stopped at Costco shopped and eat at the food court.  We were soon on our way.  Little Miss was wore out from all the walking, she uses a walker and keeps up well but her arms wore out so we pushed her in one of the big carts, the regular carts are not right for the angle her legs need to be.  She had a great time, and her and I raced Belle and her brother, Soul Winner, to the car.  We almost won, we probably wouldn't have even been that close to winning if Soul Winner would have known we were actually in a race....

We were office to the Amish Store in St. Ignatius.  The snow was just starting to come down and the wind was blowing as we went up Evaro Hill.  Shortly we were at the Amish Store, got all the goodies we could find and we off to home.  We got home around 5ish.  I had plenty of time to cook dinner and be off to the teachers conferences.  I was not happy that mine was so late.  We had had open houses at the school the last five years but now we have a different superintendent  and they did not have an open house this year.  I was disappointed that we didn't it was nice to get to meet the teachers in an informal format and we also got to sign up for the teachers conference in time slots that fit our lifestyles.  We didn't get to go to Church as they didn't take our Churches night into account when they randomly set up the conferences.  The conference themselves were wonderful.  The Ladies are doing wonderful, as usual, they are both great students, respectful to their teachers and a help to their class mates.  They are helpful to others and truly joys to their teachers.  I was so proud of them, and always am.  We were home just after bedtime so the long day had come to an end.

I hope you have a great day, I hope and pray for your salvation and that you have a growing relationship with God.  Nothing is more important or more joyful in this life.  May your joy be boundless in the Lord....tomorrow.

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