Monday, November 18, 2013

What is good to eat anymore? Do you know? I am resolved even more to eat as close to the ground as I can.....

I have a couple of friends that have been really into knowing what is in there diet for as long as I have known them.  I have been given the advantage of ones practice of forwarding any info, or maybe a lot, of the info she finds.  I have limited my use of milk and cheese to almost none that my goats don't produce for several years., These two links are two of many articles on the stuff in milk you don't have a clue about.  I think when I started to take notice when I read about the amount of puss, yes puss, allowed into our milk.  I was also highly concerned when it was connected with Chron's disease.  My Mokie has Chron's, did I enable her getting it?  My Booboo has some form of IBD that is quite possibly acerbated by drinking milk at school.  I shall go on from milk.  Oh, but before I go if milk is bad, and we know it is, cheese is 10 times worse.  You might want to decide on both of them yourself in your diet.  What about how the milk industry trying to put aspartame in our milk and again not put it on the label?

I have always canned but in the last couple years I have begun to can all the canned foods we use in our diet I have read about the lining of cans being bad and lots more that just came out this month.
  Okay so canned goods are no longer on my shelves.  Pop or soda exited 5 years ago.  I have grown most of my veggies, bought local and with the event of BBFC I have started getting some from them, but then I don't always get the organics so I am getting veggies from Mexico and all over the US sometimes.  I do know that if it isn't organic I am just canning the pesticides in them but I am at least trying to go better.  Where does it stop?

We have grown our own goats for the last few years and our pigs provide us with pork.  I then have to consider the grains I might give them or I am no better than the meats that are grown here in the US and where ever else it comes from.  We feed the goats grass hay of organic quality hay, not always certified but we do the best we can. We buy our grain from a local farmer for the pigs.  I do like beef and can't afford to grow it so I do the best I can.  I can't afford organic's and I try to do my best to buy grass fed but sometimes I have to buy from the store what is on the market.  I never really thought about it until I read and article in the spring about the Russians banning American meat.  I have a friend who won't buy Costco meat because it comes from Canada, Mexico and Argentina.  I decided to find out if there's is worse than the US meat the Russia banned because of ractopamine after all?  Well Argentina has a scare of hoof and mouth disease so only canned meat is allowed in the US and I don't buy canned food so that isn't a problem.  Canada and Mexico have the same inspectors and rules as the US except for Mexico has banned ractopamine too.

Okay so the bottom line is it is a full time job figuring out what to eat, what it has in it and what is being hidden in the stuff we think is okay, like veggies, milk and meat.  Think if the ones we thought were save are that hard to figure out we know the ones that we already thought are bad are horrible.  Remember that twinkies have a shelf life of say a hundred years, ever wonder why?  I can bake a loaf of bread that is plain and simple and whole wheat, it will mold in about a week.  If I buy a loaf of 100% whole wheat bread, even the good ones or the organic ones, they last a lot longer than that so what is in them keeping them from molding?  Is it really on the label, milk doesn't have to have it on the label, so are you sure??

I think it all boils down to we do what we can and that is the best we can do.  Pick your evils because they all have them and we only really have so much money to buy our foods.  I do the best I can with what I have and I have a friend that once told me she didn't have a clue how I feed my family on our income.  We probably eat things she would not have to is the reality but I work hard to see that it is as limited as I can get with the bad stuff that gets ever more present in our diets.  Do you think maybe that our American  food is what is causing the cancer in America and somebody somewhere is putting it in there on purpose by law.  And don't even get me started on canola oil..... okay I digress. Climbing down because the reality is we can only digest so much in one sitting, food or the horrors of what we are eating.

I pray that you have the luxury of eating nothing the government "fixes" for us to eat.  I pray the Lord has provided all you need and he will if you asked him.  He give us all we need as we pray to him for it.  He is a loving giving father and he wants to be your Father as well.  Salvation is your for the asking, read his Word, listen to your heart and find your faith, believe in God.  Believe that he gave his son that you might live, asked and repent, he will give you Salvation through his Grace.  Today is the day, there are no hidden agenda's with God it as pure and simply as believing... tomorrow.

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