Monday, November 4, 2013

New missionaries, snow a real wonderland of innocence, handles, tomatoes and more.....

Church was nice yesterday, all was mostly normal, well except Niecy had forgot to set her clock back so blessed us with her and her littles presences for two hours instead of just her normal one.  My Ladies are graduated to the adult class, the Preacher decide a couple of weeks ago that there were to many kids for the space, and that the ages was to broad for one class, so the older (above 4th grade) kids should just come to the adult class as the building doesn't really allow for a second class room.  The Ladies said they are really liking the adult class as they were really to old for the little class.  Booboo and I went to evening Church last night, we got to meet a couple and their little boy that are currently visiting Churches to get support for them to go to Papua New Guinea to be missionaries.  They told us lots of info about their destination, they shared their excitement of going into the missionary field and their longing to share the Gospel with people that have never heard the word of God.  They will face a lot of challenges, some dangers, in their spreading of the Gospel.  It was fun to share their excitement in the Lords calling to them.

We were on our way to Church last night when the first few flakes of snow began to fall to earth.  The ground was lightly sprinkled with the snow here and there when we were one our way home from church.  This morning there are about two inches on my deck rails and on the ground.  The day is almost frosted in appearance.  The bright shinny white with the dark forest green of the fir and pine trees peeking out from under the snow on their branches.  The snow is virgin and crisp no one has dirtied or marred it's beauty it is a newly wrappered gift from God in it pristine state, just as he sent it to us.  The kids and dogs ran into it with all the joy the first fallen snow of the season brings.  The wonder of it never grows old as each year passes and brings it newly again each time.

I have three handles to pen and ink this morning, I have to use a red pen on two of them, never actually done that before.  I have a 80 pound pumpkin that is awaiting my making it into chips and puree.  Boy won the pumpkin weight guessing contest at the local grocery store, Castles.  He came over on Friday and asked me if I would can it for him for half of the pumpkin, I told him no, because I don't actually can pumpkin anymore, it is considered unsafe so I am baking, pureeing and freezing it. Oh, and drying some of it into chips.  I have some other computer work that needs doing and littles to watch so my day is full.  Poppie still has goats to harvest as it has actually been to warm most of the fall so far so we need to get that done this week.  His pressure tank will be here between the 11 and the 13th so that to be done as well.  Life goes on full and ever changing.

I pray that today your life changes, that today you respond to the Gospel of Christ Jesus.  I pray that today is the day you seek your salvation or maybe just remember to praise God for your salvation already received.  Salvation is the only way to life ever after with the Lord, and Jesus is the one door to it....tomorrow.

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