Sunday, December 1, 2013

Do you ever just think.....

What are the thoughts that come to mind in any one day.  Did they weigh on your heart a long time?  Did they smolder in you conscious thoughts?  Did they come to formation in your subconscious and spring themselves in to being when you weren't really looking leaving you to wonder "now where did that come from?".  I don't think that any one arises in the morning knowing all the thinks that they will think on any given day.  Thank you Dr. Seuss.  Really no one does.  I know that on days that I begin the day with the Lord he is for most on my mind for a good portion of the day so that is the best way to go about all the days I can.  Sometimes I think that the Lord can save me from so much that it is unimaginable how much so much can really be.  I know that he helps me start and try to stay on a good path so I wonder why I can't always begin with him. I get so lost when I can't look to him and talk thinks over so on the days that I don't start with him I can get way out of wack. You know when things start on the wrong foot and all seems to go down hill from there.  You step on the cats tail and he claws you, then you jump back and dump his water, stumble over a kid and do all you can as you fall not to knock the baby over.  Well that is what a day without the Lord seems to do to me.

I was watching David Jeremiah this morning and he said something in a really cool way.  Made all my thoughts sort of congeal.  It was so like something I learned in MLEA (Montana Law Enforcement Academe) years ago, and well nothing like it in it's specifics.  I am weird that way comparing apples and oranges.  I learned there years ago that if you take a cup and each stresser in  your life is a pea.  You add each pea individually to the cup.  One, then two, ten then twenty.  Each in and of itself is just a little bit of stress and never really bugs anyone but there comes a day when the cup is full and you add one more pea and it rolls off on to the floor.  You have reach the end of you stress endurance.  You are not capable of one more event, no one more pea just won't fit in the cup.  You can get help to empty the cup and go on or you are done in the Law enforcement profession and you walk away knowing you have no more room for anymore peas.  I found that there did come a day for me to walk away, I don't think my cup was full but it was full enough.  Getting back to David Jeremiah.  He started with a gallon jar with a wide mouth, he said to fill it up with as many large stones as you could.  Is it full?  You say yes, well he gives you a bucket of gravel and lets you add more.  Is it full?  Well since you are catching on to him a little you say, Maybe?  He brings out a bucket of sand and you pour in more.  Is it full?  Well you think it is maybe?  He bring our a bucket of water and fills it up and it took a quart of water to fill it.  Is it full?  Well yes, we think and would you belief it took a whole quart of water to make it so?  He asks if this is the time you have in a day how do you get the most important things into your jar?  Well that is easy you have to start with the most important because if you had filled that jar with sand in the first place you sure couldn't have gotten any large stones in it after the sand.  That is the key, begin with the important stuff and all the rest will fill in all the rest of the space.  What is important in this life?  It should be first and for most God, family and friends...  We should start our days remembering what is important put it in first and then the rest of our life will take care of it'self.

I hope you think on it long and hard, What is the most important thing in your life?  Set your thoughts to how to prioritize them into your life.  Get out that big jar fill it up with the stones that mean the most,  actually get a few stones write who or what matters to you in this life, Put them where  you can see them, on your desk, on the counter, in your purse or on the bench where you spend time.  The lively stones of your life are what matter, they are what you should put into you jar first.  Do you have a stone, on your table or in you heart with the Lord's name on it, you know right there with the one that says your loves name, or the name of your kids?  If not you need one, and you need to meet with him each morn communing, praying and studying because the wealth to your soul it will bring in unimaginable.  Please put first things first, and the Lord Jesus should be the first in anyone's life, first and for most.  If he isn't you need to seek him and find out what it is he has to offer to you.....tomorrow.

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