Friday, December 13, 2013

Vanilla soap, plain, WIT, and the braided rug grows.....

Yesterday I managed to get quite a bit done, I didn't have any littles.  I made a big batch of vanilla oatmeal soap and one small batch of plain goat milk soap.  It was funny they both were the beautiful lightest color I get from goat milk right up until I put in the vanilla scent in, and it turned the one batch a yellow, that set into a golden brown once sponified.  They both set up nice and I sliced them this morning.  I hope to get a few more batches done up in the next couple of days.  I do like to make soap, it is always nice to have the different fragrances in the air.  I think I will make some apple cinnamon, some coconut and maybe some berry or rose next.  It was nice to make it again, since I hadn't in over a year, my soap closet still has quite a lot of nicely aged soap and smell wondrously when opened.

I think I am going to make a jig for my braided rugs.  I made one yesterday but since I didn't actually measure our the center I had to make it small, I was starting to get some bubble and I was so glad that since it is wool I could block it.  I decided it was a nice size so I started a new one with a nice long center so it can be a big rug.  I am thinking I will stop and make a jig of a board with two nails to keep it nice an taunt and maybe that will keep it from wanting to bubble later.  I did go to WIT to see if I could get more wool, no luck so will look in Zootown when the Ladies and I go next week.I did get a pleasant surprise when I went to pay for my purchases, they said it was free a Christmas gift, how wonderfully kind was that?  I did spend some time on the internet this morning trying to get ideas for keeping the bubble out of the rugs, mostly it was other woman asking for help. One lady said she did a formula for center size to the desired size.  That is when I discovered that the center of mine was so short it would have to be a small rug.  I did like the homey look the cut sweaters made.  I am going to make a couple old sheet ones I think and maybe do some creative dying once they are completed, maybe even some snow dying if I finish them while there is still snow on the ground.  I hope it works can't really see why the technique wouldn't work on rugs as well as roving.

Well off I go to make another batch of soap, a small one but it will still be one in the done column. I pray that you too know the joy of having Christ in your life.  I do know that life with him in it is better than any of my life that he was not in it.  I pray that your salvation is a set issue in your life,  religion and being a christian or a disciple of  Christ are not nearly as important as your believing in Christ and knowing that because he gave his life and arose that you can be saved just by accepting him as your savior.  I hope you make the choice for Christ Jesus.... tomorrow.

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