Monday, December 16, 2013

Sledding and the tree is at least on the porch......I made me cry to hear the wonder of it.

We got to go get the tree right after Church yesterday.  We actually had a lot of fun even though the snow was wet and not slickery enough for the sled to go on it's own.  We went out to one of our favorite roads in the woods.  We slowly drove up the rode looking here and looking there for just the right tree.  I like either alpine fir or spruce but mostly I like the alpine firs.  We saw lots of Douglas fir and a few scraggly alpine, a spruce here and a tree there.  We stopped to gaze here and there.  One had a bare side another had a hole and this or that was wrong then there on the corner she stood.  She was very tall but had a less than 4 inch trunk so she was perfect.  Poppie cut her down and she fell to the road.  He cut her roughly in half.  Poppie said she will have to go into the car, I said isn't that wire there.  He said I can wire her on top.  The Ladies had been pulling each other up the road and decided I could pull them both like in years past, well not so much I could not pull them both.  The snow was sticky and they are just to big now.  I and the girls walked up the road playing in the snow as Poppie secured the tree to the top.  We came to a little road that had been Kelly humped and put to bed by the forest service.  The girls took turns sliding down it as Poppie threw snow at them.  It was not long until they were bored with the little hill. Poppie said they could slide down the road but even in the slick ice tracks their sleds would not slide.  Poppie decided to wire their sled to the back of the car and pull them down the road.  He made it long enough so that we could see them behind us t all times.  The snow was so sticky that the slide wouldn't slide forward into the car.  We pulled them about 3 and half miles.  They laughed and threw snow at one another, making a snow chair on the sled as we pulled them about 3 miles an hours down the rode, I could have walked along beside them.  They at one point fell out and lost their snow pile from in side the sled.  They got back in and totally enjoyed their day of sledding.  Yogie finally had enough and got in the car but Booboo stayed the course to the end and made it all the way to the end of the road.  Best tree getting ever, but then isn't each and ever one in their own way?

I went out to Flower Childs and had a good visit to end my day, I got home and the tree was still on the porch, Poppie said it had to melt off for the night before it could go in the house, so tonight we put her up and decorate her.  More fun to come.

This is the time of the year that most people, and some that don't believe think for a moment on Christ even if it is only to say that he should not be in Christmas.... don't they say that any publicity is good publicity.  I think some times that is so even with Christ.  I hope that that seed may grow.  I wanted to share something I watched this morning that brought me to tears...... A surprise it might be to some, but remember Christ works in mysterious ways sometimes...
May the Lord bless you and keep you...tomorrow.

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