Sunday, December 15, 2013

Seeding, watering and harvesting...... We live in the age of me, my will and me first....

I read that the definition of sin was doing your own will and not the will of God for you for your life.  I had never heard it put quite that way.  I have lived my life in the shadow of the bigger part of the Baby boomer generation.  I am in the 16th year of an 18 year generation.  I am not quite sure why other generations are 15 years long and the Baby boomers are 18 years long??  I was not  a hippy or really a part of the hippy generation as most Baby boomers are.  I am almost 10 years to young.  I do know that the Baby boomer generation is a wide spread and varying generation but the harsh reality is that we are the children of the Greatest Generation, a God loving and God fearing generation.  The sad part is that unlike our parents we are the generation of My Will, Me first and the others be damned, we are the outspoken generation that has cared more about our own will and not anything really about God.  The hippies (you know the older half of the boomers) celebrated free love, burned their bras and said not your way man but my way all the way.  We gave birth to the entitled generations that are following after us, not any generation since our birth even cares or pretends, as a group, to care for God's will or following God like the generations that came before.  I am sadly part of the news type of generations, you know the ones trying to out do the one before them to be the worst generations.

I was raised by strict parents and have always been trying to do God's will but daily, momently and everyday have failed to live my life in God's will.  I would say that I have always thought that my testimony of salvation should be about my salvation and my baptism experience but like so many children, raised in a Church, I had never done anything in my childhood that made salvation a magnificent story of redemption so I wasn't ashamed of my salvation story but thought it wasn't compelling enough to be of use to lead some one to salvation.  I never thought of my salvation story as not being when I was saved but the salvation the God has given me even though I have now experienced terrible lows, terrible sinful times and years.  I have fallen so short of God's will for me sometimes as an adult that I would sometimes be a true morsel of glory for satan.  I had never really thought that my salvation story isn't when I was saved as a teen but all the times that God has picked me up and put me back on the path of his will.  God loves me not because of anything I have ever done, God loves me because he loves all of mankind and does not want that any human being would be lost to the devil.  He loved me, Nannie, he loved Nannie so much that he gave his only begotten son that if Nannie believed on him that Nannie should not perish but Nannie shall have everlasting life.  Doesn't that just make you cry??  Me, horrible sinful me who is not worthy of any of God's love, Me, God sent Jesus to die on a tree for me.  Jesus had to look into the cup of sin, knowing that he had never sinned, he had never not one time never had he not obeyed God's will for him.  He had to look into the sins that I and the whole world had committed and become guilty of all of our sins.  He took on our sins and died for them.  I killed the savior and for me he died.  Yes, each of us can say that. My sin killed him.  He died that I might live.  I do after all have a salvation story that I can share, and I just shared mine with you.

I have been studying about how to witness to people.  My testimony of salvation should be a part of that.  The gospel of Christ Jesus must be a part of that.  When I am in my circle of friends, acquaintances and people I meet, I am there because God put me in that moment to be his witness.  I don't have to go to school, or class to know how to tell my story of Jesus.  I am a planter, I can plant the seed of Christ.  You may walk away and shake your head but somewhere down in you I have planted a seed.  It may, or may not get watered, or I can be a waterer and water that seed, or a seed some one else planted.  You have the seed of Christ in you.  God, the Holy Spirit, talks to those with the seed in them and eventually some one will harvest that seed. It may be me, a preacher or you may harvest it on your own through the Word of God, just you and him.  You will some day, God willing, because God's will is the only way to not be in sin, and no Sin can ever enter into heaven.  So if you want to go to heaven to live in eternity, you need to be without sin.  WE are born in sin and the only way to be with out sin is to be in Christ Jesus, he died that your sin might be taken away, he redeems us from our sin.  God does it all he gives us the Faith, he Gives us the Grace and he gives us the Salvation, he does it all, if only we Believe that Jesus did this all for us.  Isn't that glorious, wonderful and gracious.  Salvation is that most wondrous miracle there is and it can be yours, today.....tomorrow.

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