Monday, December 23, 2013

The weekend before Christmas is supposed to be a busy weekend..... isn't it?

Saturday I had our third annual decorating cookie tea, well it was the third but I actually suspended it the last two year.  It had gotten so big, and I mean big because the second year I did it there were 11 children under 8 and that was hard to accomplish.  This year there were only 6 kids that varied between 2 and 12.  We decorated cookie in leu of the gingerbread houses.  The houses were beautiful I must admit but they had to be baked, put together and dried before the kids could decorate them and I just simply did not have the time to accomplish that this year.  The kids got to decorate sugar cookies and ginger snaps.  Their techniques were as varied as the kids there.  Some were artistic (Booboo) some simple (Bubbles) some just normal (Yogie, Cubbie and Belle's Princess)  and then there was Belle's Soul Winner he put as much frosting as possible on each cookie he made and decided no part of a cookie would be complete with out candy on it.  I am glad Belle took all of his home, it would have been a 3 alarms sugar rush to eat any one of his cookie.  All had fun and took home cookies and what more could one ask from a Tea and Cookie decorating any way.  Belle and I had a good time talking as, they are old enough, and generally well mannered enough, that the kids could do their own thing.  Boy did not come he built a wooden plow with his dad as they snuck the time away from the two littles to claim it as boy time.

Lady gave me the most wonderful gift on Saturday, she bought me a 1936 Sears and Roebuck, Kook-Kwick pressure cooker.  It is so cute and in beautiful shape.  It was the same one I had seen last summer in the Secret Second YWCA thrifty store.  I was so surprised to have it. I love it.  It now has a place of honor on my "garbage" pot and pan shelf.  It joins my two 1931 nationals and my 1960's all american pressure canner collection.  It could probably be used as a pressure canner but I don't think I will ever use it that way.  I may just cook a corned beef in it though.  It is the only one I have that had an outside mechanism to to keep the lid on.  Did I say that I love it.  Here it is in all it's glory on the "garbage" pot wrack and alone...

Sunday we had a nice Potluck at Church.  The Ladies got to give the ladies of the Church all the scarves they had crocheted since Thanks Giving.  The Ladies loved them and we had a nice potluck.  All share in the Love of the season, the Preacher gave a nice Christmas message.  One of the lost sheep in our congregation made his way back to fellowship with us, it was nice to have him back and see him worshiping the Lord again. 

The Ladies spent the night with their G-Pa, G-Ma, Matt, Kathy, Only and Eighth.  I hope they had a good time.  I do think it is good that they have a relationship with their biologic dad and his family. It is nice that they got to spend some time together.  I wished the Goofy would get her act together so they could do that with her but at this time it is not a possibility, maybe some day. I do miss all of my other grandkids especially this time of the year but circumstances are not in the right place for that either.  I do know that I love the ones I can at the moments I have to love and spend time with them.  I also am available to do that at anytime and not by my choice do they not get to come here.  Their mothers have made all the choices to not allow them time with their grands.  I do hope it is a choice they can live with as older adults, from experience I know that some of the choices in youth haunt us the rest of our lives and you can't fix it when you finally get the wisdom to know it was a mistake.  I await their return to my life even if it is as adults, they are loved if only from afar and in stolen moments....... 

I pray that you are in the Lords arms and know you have salvation.  If not you can seek his arms any time it is your choice to accept what it freely give.  I pray for all of my kids that have, and don't have salvation, salvation is so much more important than just reconciling with a parent it is the most important gift ever given and the most import choice ever made.  Accept your most important gift today, the joy is unaccountable and soul changing, life changing and a regeneration of you, how can you not??...... tomorrow. 

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