Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Spirituality is not the salvation of God..... gnawing hungry in our souls in God given.

I just read that the "baby boomer" generation is the most lost group of souls in all of life since Christ's death.  It is not that the generation is not gnawingly hungry for God, because God put that in the heart's (the minds) of all man, the knowing that he is lost and needs Christ, but it is deep and often unknown, it is most often just a knowing that there is a gnawing for something.  The something is what drives us but it does not always drive us to God.  People feel it and interpret it as many many different things.  Unfortunately in the baby boomer generation it has become a full bloom search for "doing what feels good to me".  Many a baby boomer is "spiritual" just asked them.  They are spiritual for the "great spirit", the age of astrology, the guru this or the guru that, the list goes on and on, there are many many churches that are the new age of love and feel goodness about themselves but so many many do not have a clue who the Lord Jesus is. We are living in a society that is less and less Judeo-Christian and more and more satanic.  We have wizards, vampires and whateverelses that  our children are taught to idolize and want to be.  Our society is more about the pretty boys and girls from hollywood and their idolization.  The first commandment of God was that we should have not other Gods before him, and no idols.  Just think how many many are available at every corner and we are expected to think they aren't really satanic they are just in fun.  Well what easier way to subjugate a society than by selling it to our children as fun and fantasy, I don't.  We have gotten complacent and don't even realize the danger our children and souls are in.  I have many friends that are "spiritual" but don't have a clue about Jesus and what's more they don't want to hear my "churchy" stuff.  I am saddened daily by the lost state they are in.  God didn't just accidentally but me in my life he put me in my life for a reason, and you as well, and the reason just might be that I can be the light that shines on the Word of God in your life.  You might pick up a Bible and know God because of something I have done that gave you a bit of curiosity to understand why I speak of Jesus.  I do hope so.  Nobody is saved by any one, only Jesus can save.  I can only be the light of this earth that God wants me to be.  I can only show you the Word that you might read and hear God.  He will do the rest.  He will tell you what he wants you to know and if you believe, really believe, you too can have eternal life because of your belief in Christ Jesus.  You too can know that he died for you, but lots of people have died for others, Christ is the only one that ever rose from the dead and lives after having died on a cross for your sins.  He alone is the one and only door in to Heaven and eternal life.  Believing in God doesn't get you there you have to believe and obey his word, that you believe the he sent his one and only son to die and rise again for your sins.  If Christ only died on a cross it was a great tale but that he rose from the dead is salvation.... tomorrow.

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