Monday, December 2, 2013

Lotion bars in jars, and studying the Lords word in regard to offense.

I have said before that since I know it is a sin to be offend I am taking great care to study, pray and contemplate offense.  The sin of offending, the sin of being offend, the sin of being a stumbling block that offends or the stumbling block that unintentionally offends.  I spend the better part of my morning in devotionals. One at 6 with the Ladies and Poppie, after the kids went to school I started a one year devotional that just happened to start on Dec 1, how cool I only had to do two days to catch up.  I later was making my lotion bars and listening to the Church network when a show about offense came on.  It really got me to thinking and I decided to check out for a devotional or a sermon on offenses on the internet.  I found two that I like here is the link to one
 The second is both are good and informative and helped me to understand much more about offenses, those who offend on accident and those who do it for a purpose.  I still am determined to no longer allow offense to be on of my sins and through the Lord I can accomplish this is the cases that he would have me not be offended in, which I pray are most of them.  I do have a little trouble with the instant offense but I pray and the Lord takes it all away and I am comforted in his arms.

I said I spent the morning making lotion bars, well I really did and didn't.  I wanted to make bars I had all the ingredients and one I added just because I can but the only cut bar molds I had the right size says goat milk and since there is no goat milk in my lotion bars, milk and oil like water and oil don't mix unless emulsified I couldn't use any since I didn't want to sponify or emulsify.  I decided I would put it in my squatty jars and they are all really cute.  I had a little left over and made some really cute little molded ones.  It is nice coco butter, bees wax, coconut oil and a little lanolin for good measure.  It smells nice, no, I didn't add any scent just the natural chocolate and beeswax scents combined to make a clean natural smell. I can't wait until they cool, harden and dry, funnnnn!!!!

I pray that you have asked for forgiveness for any offenses you have caused.  I pray you have not caused any offenses whether unintentional or not.  I pray more that you have not sinned with the intent of causing offenses.  They can be so destructive to your soul and be a stumbling block to the souls of those you offend. I pray that when you need to ask for forgiveness for your sins you can do it the way God intended you to and not assume your forgiveness is the same thing because they are not.  God awaits your repentance, whether you do it for your self, or for something you have done to someone else. If you offend some one you need to asked them for forgiveness and we are born in sin against God so today can be the day you repent and ask God for the forgiveness only he can give.  You can have his forgiveness today believe and asked it of him he will forgive you, he gave you his son that you might believe and asked him for it..... tomorrow.

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