Friday, December 20, 2013

Decisions, decisions, decisions...... What is more pressing to talk about....??

I find myself at the confluence of two thoughts.  I am not sure which is more pressing on my little brain.  I had thought that I would talk about knitting this morning but then I do so want to talk about the Phil Robertson controversy, decisions, decisions.  Okay so I am a yapper by nature so I am going to try to tackle both in the little time I am allotted.  I think that since Phil Robertson's controversy is a matter that is dear to my faith I will begin there.

I read what Phil had said about homosexuals when it came out and had to say I agreed one hundred percent with his evaluation, he said it just like the Bible says it.  He did not say that he hated homosexuals or that they should be hated he just said that what they do is a sin and sin it is.  I find it ironic that people can see the sins in others, if you disagree with them, but if it is against the Bible teachings it is alright to bash him.  The Bible clearly states the homosexuality is a sin, as in lying, prostitution, murder, cheating, gossip and etc.....  Liberals can say anything they want but per the Bible all are sins.  It does say to love our neighbors, Phil did not hate his neighbor in anything he said.  He is a man of integrity and said it like it is.  He still loves his neighbor but he does not condone his sins.  Jesus gave us the example of the prostitute that was to be stoned.  He said he without sin cast the first stone.  So no one has the right to kill some one for their sins, Phil was not trying to kill any one, Jesus also said for the woman to go and sin no more.  He did not tell her to go and continue in her prostitution sinning as she went.  Homosexuals are love by God, it took me along time and a lot of studying to get that far in my development to being Christ like.  Jesus can forgive any sin, but he does not say go and sin away in your depravity of sexuality he forgives but does not say continue in it as you go.  So the homosexual can be forgiven but like all of us should not sin any more.  Phil was crude in his delivery but he was stating the Gospel truth.  I like a man who stands up for his beliefs.  Liberal tell us every day that we should have the freedom of speech, so why is that only if you are the homosexual, the muslim, the tree hugger or the what ever that is their "it girl" for the day.  Why is it that Christians don't get the same right of free speech they allow any and everyone else.  A few months ago a man convicted of bestiality in Florida was being supported by the Liberals but the Crosses of America are systematically being torn down because Christian don't have the right to freedom of speech.  I pray for all the Liberals, and all the lost in America, because they are going to have a sad reckoning in death.  I will proudly shake Phil Robertson's hand in the here after.  Funny I read on one of my "liberal" friends pages where she and her brother think all of this is about money, I can assure you Phil Robertson did not do any of this for money, he did it for faith and faith is something my liberal friend and her brother know nothing about. I am so sorry for her loss.    I am also sorry for any and all of you that think this is what Phil was talking about.  YOU just don't get it.

Okay, this is a really hard turn but I am off my soap box, climbed down and on to knitting....  I think the first time I even knew what knitting was about I was about 5, my mom was knitting away.  She was making us all Mary Maxim sweater, probably for Christmas.  She made me a poodle sweat, Silver and Red chief sweaters, and Sister got a kitty.  She was also making one for dad, but as my mom tends to knit loose and big, she never checks gauges, the sweater came out way to big for my dad.  It was wool so she decided to shrink it down to size, well she did not know about mercerized wool, and even when she boiled it it did not shrink.  She finally gave it to the neighbor who was 6'6" tall, my dad is 5'8".  So from early in life I knew knitting had it's idiosyncrasies. My first attempt at knitting was done on 20 penny nail, mom and dad were building a house so we had lots of them around and they looked like needles to me.  I am not sure my mom thought I was serious about knitting or she might have let me use needles.  My second attempt at knitting came in my 5th grade year.  I started knitting little squares, I was going to make a blanket for Drama's birth.  I never finished it but mom did take all the squares I made and mixed them with ones my brother made and did make them into a blanket that she backed.  I think I really became interested in knitting when I decided to make Poppie a sweater.  I sent him to the store to buy "neutral" yarn to make him an Irish fisherman's sweater, so he came home with candy apple red.  Okay, it was his choice and he had the only Irish fisherman sweater I ever saw quite that color.  It took me the better part of a year to knit it.  His underarm measurement was 26 inches and the length to the waist much longer.  He had it for probably twenty year before he wore it out and it was not wool so that is saying something especially considering Poppie is hard on clothes.  I learned to continental knit when Mokie was about three it hurt my left hand tremendously the first week I learned.  I went from knitting one or two sweaters a year to making 22 from October to January, it was the biggest blessing I ever got in knitting.  I have since tried to teach any and all who wanted to learn how to to do it.  I have along the way taken to any new techniques like a duck to water, long tailing, toe-up socks and Julie's magic cast on.  I was amazed this week to accidentally come on arm knitting.  I found a young girl, who didn't know how to knit, she didn't know any of the terms she was trying to explain in real terms.  She had made two scarves and being an expert was sharing on Youtube.  It took her an hour to make the scarf she was showing us how to make, I know knitting and was able to accomplish in 20 minutes what she struggled to show us in that hour.  I am thinking next time it will go quicker.  I can't wait to share with some one, maybe Yogie, how to arm knit.  Knitting is a passion I have, and have always had, and love to share..... I love to share it with all my co-CAKLers.  Maybe they will want to arm knit too.  I am thinking Lady may just want to learn this one.

I pray for you.  I pray that you have faith in God, I pray that you are able to stand up for it like Phil did.  I pray that if you don't have faith maybe his standing up for his will peak your interest.  I pray if not that something peaks your interest because by far and above the most important thing you will ever do in this life is decided by what your relationship with Christ Jesus is.  If you are his you will live, if not you are already dead spiritually and you will not live in heaven after dead, you are already condemned to the fires of hell... Please seek Christ today... tomorrow.

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