Friday, December 27, 2013

Four day left of the year..... what is the raught of the year past?

Sometimes I get very introspective at this time of year. The gifts are all opened or given and the climax of many a months of planning is in a heap of torn papers, ribbons and tape.  I see the smiles on the faces of the child who got just what they wanted and the child with the look of what could have been.  I have in my long days as a mother seem both more than once.  I have seen the look of one more times than not on one of my children and never seen naught but the one on the other.  I have known the look of what could have been more than once and now know that it comes from inside and not from something given but how do you tell a child that can't quite obtain it's dream that it's dream is only obtainable if their soul is happy and things can't make it so.

 I have spent some year making afghan's and some year watching the mind numbing tube this week of the year.  This year we spent some time in front of the tube but because of choices we made this year it is only quality type TV allowed in our home.  We have cut out channels, we have cut out styles of shows and we have cut out genres of shows.  We no longer are the victims of what is put in front of us but the master of what we watch and we choice it to be positive or we don't want or need to see it, as we can not unsee things we don't want to see and we can make an educated choice to be positive in our TV viewing.  I must admit that many a program no longer allowed for our viewing was once must see in this house but it is no longer something we need and certainly don't want.  It is a choice and we get to make it.

We have spent time playing games and for the most part that is a high priority in our home.  We can choose to play games as a way to teach our children to interact in a positive way.  The way a child plays a game can tell you some much about their morals and where their life barometer is heading or the path they are choosing to make. You can help your child make good choices in a game, there they have no feeling that you are leading their moral path, in a way that telling them in a serious conversation they will tune you out and not listen because they don't want you helping them make their choices in their life.  They don't see the game board as being connected with their life paths but it is some much so.  They make the good and bad choices in a game that they will later emulate in their lives.  Making the changes when it is not a confrontational thing but is just a game where they are still willing be guided so much easier.

I have learned a lot this year about myself, my spouse, my kids and just life.  I used to say if it doesn't matter in five years it doesn't matter now.  I now think it if isn't something that will matter on our path to eternity it certainly doesn't matter now.  Do you think in terms of eternity?  I do.  We all should.  Life here has it ups and downs and we learn so much on our pathways of this life, but unless it is something that matters in eternity we aren't going to take it with us.  What are the things what will matter?  Do you know?  Do you ever contemplate them?  I know that my salvation is far and above the most important thing that I will ever contemplate in my life.  It is the most important thing in this life and all else rolls down hill from there.  My faith then is first.  What is next?  What is the second most important thing in this life?  I assure you it is family.  Your spouse, you children, your siblings, your parents?  How do you treat them?  Do you treat them better than the postman?  The clerk at the store?  Your friends?  Are you mean to them and don't care it's just your family?  It's not some one of importance that you have to put on an act for after all?  If you are not treating your spouse and kids second to God then you are really missing the boat and not working on your eternity.  The ones you love are thee most special people God ever gave to you and nobody, I mean nobody, is as important in your life as they are.  Next time you see your child hug them because if you don't they just might walk away and never look back.  You are the one person that should love them above all else but maybe their spouses and God.  What about your neighbor?  Do you love your neighbors?  Who are your neighbors?  Do you even know?  If not you should.  In the old testament God gives us 10 commandments.  In the new he narrows it down to 2, basically the 10 split into half.  The fist few commandments of the 10 are all about how we are to treat God and the last are how we should treat our fellow man, our spouses, our kids and our neighbors, so the 10 are the 2 and are not any different really.  We are not to lie to, cheat, murder, or steal from, or covet or be jealous of your fellow man and that is how we are to treat our neighbors in this life, Our family, our friends and our enemies, they are our neighbors....... The Law became Grace,  and by the Grace of God, Jesus walked upon this earth.  Jesus is the door, the Grace of God incarnate, through him we can have eternal life and without him we are but lost to the fires of hell.  Do you contemplate your eternity..... you should...... tomorrow.

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