Saturday, February 12, 2011

How Nannie became a Nannie

I raised all my children and in the spring of 2001 my oldest daughter had a whorl wind romance and got married, by the summer of 2002 I was to have my first grandchild. I was contemplative of the fact that my mother lived next door and that might be confusing for the grandchildren to understand that grandma lived next to grandma so I thought Nannie would suit me just fine. Nannies come with Poppies so that is who we are to our grandchildren. During the course of the next year my daughters marriage fell apart and she was pregnant again, the divorce took a long time and my daughter was not a strong person, she had had some abuse as a child from a family acquaintance and a boy friend so in the end could not raise her two children. When the second little one was born we took over the raising of the two little girls. At first we tried to help them reunite as a family but in the end it was better for the girls to stay permanently with us and we got to adopt them. We are the only family they remember as a unit. Poppie had become disabled during this same time so they were a God send to keep him going while he had 4 surgeries on his back, went through pain that sometimes he could not stand if he hadn't had them to take care of while I worked as a dispatcher at our local 911. When they were 2 1/2 and 18 months I knew I had to stay home to take care of the three of them, I resigned my position with nothing more than the money I drew from my pension, and the artistic ability God had given me a total leap of faith. God supplied us with plenty, I made a good living for the next two years before my husband got his disability from the Social Security. I am now a full time mommy, nannie, wife and working artist. Next time I will tell you how nannyland came to be part of our lives.

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