Saturday, February 19, 2011

A second chance, I should try better to get it right!

My mother thinks that to show someone you love them you should feed them, feed them and feed them, I think I would have liked a hug better. I have had an up and down relationship with weight all my life, as do most of my siblings. I raised my older children with the thoughts of changing the patterning but even though I tried to self educate myself I raised them a lot like my mother in the end. Thank goodness, my son is built like Poppie so no problems there, the girls are a combination so that gives them a better chance to start on their paths in life.  I tried the method of, do as I say and not as I do, to no great avail. I, as an older adult, had gotten the concepts more firmly in hand but my children were adults or nearly adults ready to make their own way in this world. That is as it should be, I try not to meddle having been the victim of parental meddling for many, many years. I am not saying my parents aren't wonderful people, it just, that my mother does like, the power, in the power and control struggle. So when God gave me a second chance to make a difference in a young persons life I grabbed on with both hands.

My little girls are being raised to appreciate all the gifts of the garden, beets are their number one favorite followed by all things green, orange or yellow. They both have good palettes Yogie's a little more developed than Booboo's. We stopped using any form of pop or soda in our home about three years ago, before that they had been allowed the occasional diet soda, but I had determined that was not a good thing either so in our home, none is allowed, they can order it at the restaurant, if they choose, but not in the house, they don't actually order it but could if they wanted it. We have made homemade sourdough breads in our home exclusively for about 2 and half years. They both make a mean sponge and sold their homemade sourdough at the local farmer's market last summer. This patterning had set us up, to go to the goats and the pigs, for more elimination of as many chemicals, from our lives, as we can.

Spring of 2010 we got our first pigs, raised one for a friend, one for our son, one to breed and one to eat. We butchered her in late October, processed our own meat, and dry brined and smoked our own hams and bacons. They are wonderful, some a little salty but we will fix that with the next batch. We butchered two little bucklings and two bucks at the same time as the hog. Poppie liked the ground goat, a good thing seeings as how we have a whole field of them. The buck I ground with some of the hog and made 75 lbs of summer sausage and it was eaten by friends and family with in two months so it was well received. I can't wait to do it again without the buck meat, it has a terrible odor and a little gamey, so next time with withers it will be much better.

Goats come with babies, and lots and lots of milk. I first studied up one how to make cheeses. I am a mostly self taught person and thoroughly study a subject, backwards and forewords, before I jump in with both feet. I knew quite a lot of what I was going to do with the milk just had to start out. Made lots of cheese the summer of 2010, some a total success and some not so much, lol. I studied up on soap making in the fall and made my first batches, from the milk I had frozen in the summer, the beginning of winter. Next time.... sourdough making 101..

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