Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring Fling Craft show, 1st annual and Little guy wrestling

Mokie and I went to the first annual Spring Fling get ready for Spring Craft show/fundraiser for the Friends of the library. It was the first time we were selling our soaps and my upcycled items. It was a fun event, the girls went with us as they had donated pumpkin bread, banana bread and chili bowls for the library to sell in their bake sale and chili feed. The event was a success for a first year, they are already making a list to tweak the next years event. There was a silent auction, for which I donated a cribbage board, and a raffle, Mokie donated a gift set of soap. Yogie went home early as she didn't want to  have chili but Booboo stayed and ate to many junk food items. She, on her own, has decided in the future to take an apple to eat instead of the cookies, rice crispy treats, cupcakes in an ice cream cone and chili with jalapeno corn bread. We sold a fair amount of soap, as it was our introductory event; and the lady next to us was selling soap and has sold soap in this area for a number of years. We do sell very different styles of soap so that was good. Got to know the other lady, in the past she had not always been kind to me but loved Mokie, today she was nice and that was a relief and maybe in the future we can build on the beginnings we made today.

Poppie went to see Eldest wrestle in his second wrestling event ever. My brother, his great uncle, went to help coach him which was nice. Eldest proudly brought home two blue ribbons, last time he got a blue and a red, so he was proud of his new accomplishment. Bug was so proud he bought him a wrestling hoodie, at the event, with his name on it. The truth of it was he would have gotten the hoodie even if he had lost but it was a nice reward. Bug is doing well by Eldest as when he was a boy he had been very good at wrestling and had let his friends tease into giving up, which he has not let Eldest do, he made him finish what he started, a good thing. Long trip for Poppie so he is having to rest up from the drive. Driving and walking, more than a block or so, are the hardest things on Poppie.  It has been a long eventful day and as I left the house at 7 this morning hadn't gotten to blog so this is just a little one to stay on track of  my goal of blogging daily, see you in the morning.....

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