Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I think it so sad when someone pretends to be someone they are not...............

I have spent a great deal of time this year trying to be the person I am to God to my fellow man. I have determined to be honest with myself, with people and try to be the person God sees all the time.  I don't think that I should be three people any more.  I know that people tend to have a person they are to themselves and God, the person they are to their family and the person they are to other people, at a minum and some people are many more.  I want to add that family is the people in your little circle that love you, not the people who share you blood, some can be both but not always.  I digress.  I know that the three, maybe more, are not easily the same.  I think that the three becoming one might just be  my life time accomplishment and the road to God all at once. Maybe that is all God really wants us to be when all is said and done, truly honest and love of our fellowman.

I think that Christian's should love their fellowman and show mercy.  I think that young people have a real struggle in this day and age but I don't think that it is any harder than any other generation they just like to think so.  I think that in each age that the times are each uniquely design by God for the people in that age.  I think saying you have had it harder than any other group that ever lived is a cop out and something of a whining baby attitude for sympathy. I think husbands have an obligation to love their wives, as do they to love their husbands. I think that now that you have heard all my "I thinks" you have enough to buy coffee, only if you have the real price in your pocket as my opinion does really matter to anyone though you are here reading my blog for God only knows what reason...... that being said I would like to vent a little on a piece of gossip, a rumor or just the reality of a young person speaking in a place he should have kept his mouth shut and tried to think of the consequences of what he was saying when you talk about things that should never have been spoken out loud if you thought something like this about you life, your love and your wife.

I heard, in a place I didn't expect to hear such a shocking story, of a young man who is a good Christian, by anyone's standards publicly, shooting his mouth off about his wife.  He was telling any and all that he didn't love her, he was stuck with her and if he had it to do over he would not have taken the advice of his family and married her at all.  This is a young man that always treats his wife with respect and love for all to see.  I would say this couple is a rather loving example of what a good young Christian couple can and should be.  I am aghast that this is something he would ever say out loud if he really thinks this at all.  Why would he abuse his lovely wife in such a manner, in such a despicable way. He said it to a company of young men and more than one of them have repeated it.  It was a young man, that is also a Christian, that was so ashamed to have heard it and can't imagine how the young wife would feel if she knew that she is the but of the joke to so many people, that was speaking about it.  He didn't repeat it so much as gossip but in shear agony of the feelings of this poor girl. The husband went on to say much, much more and I am not going to repeat it other than to say that he said that if he believed in divorce he would already have gotten one but since he can't he has no options he is stuck.  I can't say how sad this is and how this is just not the way a young person, especially a young Christian, should act.  I pray that God speaks to his young man's heart and helps him to love his wife, if he never has, and to help him relove his wife, if he ever did.  I pray mostly that he shuts his mouth and thinks of the horrible devastation that will come to his lovely wife if she ever even begins to find out how abominable he is treating her, the person he pretends to love and should love with all his heart.  If he really loves his wife and this is just his "good ole boy at work persona" he is way out of line and needs help, maybe only God knows and maybe only God can help him, but this is not a joke by anyone's standards.

 Sorry to vent but this is just beyond what is normal and what is acceptable and I had to scream at someone that this is wrong and you are the only ones I could scream at and not be a gossip.  As unlike some one I might talk to, you don't know who they are and you can not ask me who they are. It is really none of our business, any of this, but it is horrible to think that this goes on in our lives, in our generation and in our midst........ I pray that God intercedes for this young girl and this young mans life and gives them the strength to know love, real love, and know that God can and will help them if only they seek him for help.  Maybe first and for most the husband needs to really seek God period and the rest will fix itself..... tomorrow. 

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