Monday, December 21, 2015

What a difference a year makes.....

Tonight we went to the annual grade school concert.  It was wonderful.  The teacher, who recently became a new mother, did a wonderful job with the kids.  It was interactive, the grades were mixed together to keep the parents from escaping the building as their little ones finished up.  The crowd was asked at one point to participate and join in with the singing. Kudo's to a job well done by a teacher who loves her job and the kids she serves.

I was excited recently to see that our school came in 10 in the state for district schools, I am assuming, of school of comparable sizes.  I think that it shows, in our kids, that our teachers in the grade school, especially, care for the kids.  I am also excited to see some of our best and brightest kids returning to be the next generations teachers and principal.   It is rewarding to see them coming home and giving back to the community that raised them.

Well tomorrow I work bright and early at one of my jobs and finish up the day at my other job, so a long day ahead so off I go.  I can't wait I have one more reading and I will finish my Bible for the 5th time this year.  Tomorrow I start anew, I will be getting a head start on next years readings so I might actually get to read it six times if I can weave it into my schedule.  I pray that the Lord is in your life if not just find a Bible, pray  even just a little and open it up to a the wonders of God in all his simple,  and completed glory.... tomorrow. 

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