Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thanksgiving is gone by........... a Christmas Craft-show and book sale...

We had a nice Thanksgiving this year, got to see all of our kids but one and close to half of the grands.  It was nothing fancy just a simple affair and the older I get the more I appreciate the simple that is just about love and not about impressing anyone.  The day before Thanksgiving we picked up our pig from the butcher and must say that the smoked meat was superb and the pork itself is just lovely.  I can not say enough about the advantages on every level of raising your own meat.

The weekend after Thanksgiving I finished making all the soap I am going to make this year, I ran out of coconut oil so I won't be making soap until next year.  I used 12 gallons of coconut oil this year and that makes a lot of soap.  I think I have gotten my soap to a really nice quality this year and can say I am proud of each and every bar I make.  I spent 12 hours on Saturday wrapping soap, and several hours the day before so I have lots of soap on hand.  I will be selling it at the Friends of the Library's craft show and books sale on Dec 5th.  I have some lovely scented soap, some non-scented soaps for kids and some other items.  Mokie has her lovely goat milk lotions.  We are making cookies tonight and Friday for the cookie sale that the friends have planned.  You get to pick from a plethora of cookies and pay by the pound.  How much fun will it be to choose cookies made by some many lovely ladies and imagine the variety that will be.  There will be chili and books, lots and lots of books, so if you don't have anything else to do Saturday stop by and say hi.

I got to make cookies at work last week and this, well I didn't make them but I cooked them.  720 last week and 480 this week.  I got to bake plain brownies and I get to bake cheesecake brownies next week, along with the pies, and the huck sauce.  I do like my job.  A friend of mine put up a saying, which I don't actually recall to the letter but it basically said to live life as you would like on your own line of living.  I thought that was wonderful.  I am at an age where there are a lot of things I could do and a lot of things I am qualified to do.  I like most that I am at an age where I can do what I enjoy doing and don't care if anyone else thinks it's a "suitable" or "right" kind of job.  I know I could do other jobs but think of the stress and toil I would have to give to so many of those jobs.  I get to, and I truly mean get to, go to a job where I get to make things for people to enjoy.  I can't think of a job that my heart would enjoy more.  I get to be of service to people in a very basic level and I get to enjoy doing it.  I know some think it is a "beneath" me endeavor but beneath something is relative and I do feel beneath anyone doing my job.  I get to do it on my time frame and I am appreciated for my service, nothing better than that.  I also still have time to enjoy my family on my time frame too.

We I hope you enjoy what you are doing in this life if not maybe you need to rethink what you are doing and never be afraid of what someone-else thinks about what you do or how you do it.  Jesus has a simple carpenter and washed his disciples feet, never think that serving others is a waste of time it quite possible one of the most important things you can do for your fellow man.  I pray that you have Jesus in your life and that you know his love in your life.  Jesus is the most important person anyone can have in their life and without him you are lost.... tomorrow.  

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