Thursday, December 3, 2015

Off to a day at the Zoo.... dental, shopping and I am sure whining kids.

So we are off to Zootown momentarily, a day at the dentist to check the braces that are once again on Yogie's teeth.  She had a problem with her teeth moving, her lack of actually wearing her retainer and the fact that it didn't fit all that well combined to put her back in braces.  I hope this is a valuable lesson for the little miss.  Booboo whined and now she is going as well, along the Mokie's Bubbles and Dimple, so I am prepared for their to be more whining amoungst the  troops today.  We have to drop off a kitten at Riverbend on the way out of town.  Mokie has a lady thats daughter needs a companion.  The girl has some disabilities and needs company to live on her own,  She is starting with a kitten, funny enough the kitten she chose has a disability of her own. I think that it was lovely she gave the little kitten a chance that others might not.  The kitten is going to the vet to be spayed today.

Well they all are awaiting me in the car and not very patiently I might add so off I go.  I pray that your day is blessed and that the love of God and his son Jesus make your day a blessing to be sure.  I hope that the blessing your receive today is salvation.  Wouldn't that make it a glorious day.... tomorrow. 

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