Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Booboo is on the mend ......

We went to Zootown for Booboo's surgery yesterday, we were on time but the little boy that was just before us was late so Booboo's surgery got set back on it's time. We waited about an hour and a half in the waiting room watching the little boy's busy little two year old brother, his one year old cousin that was just practicing his walking skills and watched as his mom feed his little 7 month old sister and grandma tried to helpout.  You could tell the little family was trying to keep their minds off of their little guy in surgery. The little guy was about 5 and had a cast on his leg where one of his club feet had been fixed and they were working on his other one in surgery.  He had others issues but was a sweet little boy with a very supportive and loving family, it was good to see them all together.  We were taken into a pre-op room and Boo was covered with a toasty blanket and then got to have an iv put in. The nurse that did the iv was an expert at her craft and with the help of a medicated spray and a tiny needle with laticane in it Boo barely even felt that iv go in, a true blessing I would say since I have been on the bad side of many a incompetent iv administerer.    We waited another 3 hours before it was her time to have surgery, she got cold and was sure that they forgot about her but they didn't.  She got a heat tent to keep her warm in the cold little room before she finely got a visit from her Dr.  He came in and wrote a smiley face on her left knee, a procedure to make sure no one messed up. He also showed us a picture of his 12 day old beautiful new baby girl.  His first and she had a lovely head of the exact same red hair he sports, one proud daddy let me tell you.

Yogie and I went out to the waiting room and waited, about an hour , a little less then the Dr came out with a small cup of alcohol with a funny little bone, and a bone sliver with red meat still attached to it.  He said it was a pretty big one, and he had had to take off more so that is why there was an extra sliver. He said it had been there about a year.  We thanked him and a short time later we got to go back and pick up our little lady.  She told us she hurt, imagine that, some one had just cut off a part of her bone and she hurt.  She said she was never going to wish for surgery again or be excited about it,  her sister said she would.  Booboo said no you wouldn't if you knew how much I hurt, famous last words.  I told them both to be careful what they asked for they just might get it.  She could stand, though wobbly, before long and we were off.  We stopped a Wallyworld and got a prescription.  Booboo had cried in pain while I was in the store so Yogie had come to get me, and so when I got to the car, no Yogie, so we had to wait for her to return from finding me.  I said why did you leave her, she said she was crying.  I think letting her come was worth the day of school she missed it did her good to love on her sister some.  She was sore the rest of the night but is on the mend for sure.  We lost electricity in the night and the news said no school for us, so the Lord blessed Booboo with several nurse maids, a sister and two cousins.  I went to work this morning and when I came home she was well cared for.

I thank one and all for the prayers for our little Booboo.  I want to return the favor and  pray that you are safe in the loving arms of Jesus and that you are among his children and Know that you have salvation.  If not I pray that you will seek out the Lord and find your salvation.  The Lord wants you to draw nigh unto him and he will draw nigh unto you.  Today is, or could be, the day of your salvation..... tomorrow. 

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