Thursday, November 12, 2015

I think I have been away to long....

I really do miss all of you and you all are calling to me even though you might not think so. I have had a rather busy year and have found that I long to be with you ever more increasingly.  I have, as you might remember, been trying to read my Bible through on a steady daily schedule and for the most part that has taken up all of my reading time and most of the time I would normally have spendt with you.  I have read the King James, the New King James, the Amplified, the New King James chronological, the Tyndale new testament,  and am currently in the middle of the Hebrew bible for the old testament to go this the Tyndale.  I can say beyond a doubt I have learned ever so much more about what the Lord wants in my life.  I have loved each and ever one of these versions and know that some of you think that only the King James will do.  I can say I respect that but I don't believe that God's incorruptible word can be anything but incorruptible because he makes it that way and if he wants to send his word out to people in their language or version it is his word and he can do that. I found that the chronological made the Bible so much clear for me in a way that no one can know. I have bought more Bibles and can't wait to dive into them, I find the more I read the more God puts me in the right verse or right translation for the events of my life and he leads me in ways I did not know before.  I will probably never not read the way I have this year and know that the Lord speaks to me daily in love and in a powerful way I can not live with out....  I have purchased an interlinear Bible and just peaking at it has been exciting and I know it will be an adventure to come.  The Geneva awaits, as does the Wycliffe, the Matthews and they are both in old English so I will have to work hard to get comfortable with the words.  I have tried to buy most of the Bibles that became the input to the King James,  I have read that the Tyndale is a majority portion of the King James and I can see where that is so.  I do like his discussion on mansions that the King James left out and I think in ways it cleared up mansions for me in a profound way.  There are some many many things that are clearer and I can't wait to find where I will go as I read forward the rest of my life.  I am thinking I might just find  a clearer and clear view of my Master and Lord Jesus.

I have also been busy this year I took a class on food preservation but am still awaiting the certification from the class.  I really do want to teach some classes on food preparation and am trying to work toward that by getting the books I will need to teach, the videos and the paperwork together.  I was asked to be a fair judge for food preparation and that was wonderful and a step toward my goal of teaching the younger generations to preserve food properly.

I took a job in July that works with my never have a scheduled unscheduled scheduled life.  I am a baker for Huck's grill but I have never actually baked anything. I just make and freeze pies.  I have used my food preservationist knowledge to adapt some of the recipes in a new direction and that is a good use of my skills. I look forward to adventures in baking there.

I work ever forward toward improving my soaps, balms and many many crafts.  I have had wonderful feedback on Nannie's Kiss it Better Balm, and I do so love that it helps people. I am currently working on a "noxema" like soap or face cream.  I think that I have three that are just maybes so am giving out samples to guinea pigs, and I love every one of them.  My two ladies are the first up and many of  my friends have stepped in line for some.  Got to love the friends I have. I am ever excited about the new cottage laws and the possibilities that will bring.

We have a cow now and her name is Zelda.  Shortly after we got her my granddaughter Bubbles went running to her daddy and said, "Daddy, I saw a bear in Poppie's garden.  It has a funny tail."  her daddy said, "Does the bear in Poppie's garden have a rope?"  She said, "yes and a collar"  He said "its a cow, not a bear!!"  Too funny I couldn't stop laughing at her innocent antics..... We are down to only four goats.  Gladys and Glenda are the two oldest queens, we have a yearly names Ducky, and Peanut has been given to us from Mokie.  We had to reduce our herd and gave several to a lady out of town who needy weed eaters.  I think it is for the best.  I do have a lot of goats milk in the freezer so soap is not a problem.  We raised two pigs this year and recently took them to the butcher. My yard is full of chickens....  Last week I got a call from an extended family member that a lady she knew had some pigs she couldn't feed and needed to give them away.  Originally there were 8 but in the end we took home only 4 and they are living with Son and Mokie we are just helping pay for the feed.  I got Poppie a hedge hog and he is ecstatic with her. He has wanted one since Mokie was a little girl and she had had one  She is only a couple months old and is still not sure she likes people but Poppie is up to the challenge of having her for a pet.

I am currently trying to read Heaven by Randy Alcorn, It is only the 4th or 5th book I have read all year it is hard to work extra reading in.  I am loving it and I think anyone that is planning on going to heaven needs to read it.  I find that so many of my worries have been answered by a scripture based author.  On that note I have struggled, well I should say Poppie and I have struggled this year with something that the Preacher has pushed us and pushed us to do but we neither one think that the Lord asked us to do what he is trying to get us to do.  We had had a meeting with him in April and had agreed we could do it so we wouldn't be a stumbling block to the Preachers, or maybe others in the churches beliefs.  We had decided to compromise.  The Preacher never called on us to come forward to do what we were to do as he had said he would do.  This last week we asked him about it again as we had wanted to get it done and over with and do to misunderstanding I suppose he has decided we would need to do it on our own.  I have, as I have said before, read a lot of scripture this year and am still of the opinion that what the Preacher wants from us is not something he can show us in black and white or chapter and verse.  It has come to Poppie and I through praying and praying this week and for years really that it is still not what we believe.  It also says not to compromise your beliefs, the Lord never compromises.  He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  We have come to the decision that had the Lord wanted us to do what the Preacher asks it wouldn't  have been so hard to come to fruition and maybe the Lord does not want the same thing from us that the Preacher does.  So we are not going to compromise or go against our beliefs but live by what the Lords asks us to do.

I hope that you know that you have salvation, I hope that you know that God sent his son to earth to die on a cross, for your sins and mine, Jesus became sin and died so that we may be cleansed of all our sins.  He offers one and all salvation, all you have to do is repent of your sins and ask him for his forgiveness and you can live with him in Heaven.  He would rather die and go to hell for us (and over come death) than live in Heaven without us. That is a love that know one can understand that is how much he loves you.  Accept his love, his forgiveness and his salvation, today is the day of your salvation.... tomorrow


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