Friday, November 20, 2015

Soap and soup, they just seem to go together so to speak at our house...

Today has been a busy morning.  I got up and cut the soap I had made yesterday. It is a lovely light lavender color and smell of wondrous lilacs.  I made another batch and this one may be just a pinch darker in color.  I have been making both goat milk soaps and coconut milk soaps.  I had gotten some from Lady so had made a batch of each to have both on hand and have the different soaps.  I had to end up getting a case of the coconut this morning. I am glad that Herbalist ordered it and didn't pick it up so there is a lot of it at our local store, I should pick up another on while they have it. I like the coconut almost as much as the goat milk and think both are super to make and share.  I am also finishing up my chicken stock.  Ever year I trade G-pa soap for 10 old chickens they are the best for making stock and he brings them to me skinned, gutted with a bag of giblets so a win win for me.  They love the soap and we get chickens.  I got half of the chickens pressure cooked into stock yesterday with tomatoes, and the second batch last night with chickens as veggies.  This morning I poured them all together and filled to the brim my 23 quart pressure canner.  I just filled up 23 quarts of stock into jars and 14 are already PC'ing.  The last 9 are waiting their turn. I made up a batch of oatmeal milk and honey soap as I vented the PC.  Can't wait until both are done.  Booboo personally tasted the stock and says it tastes like chicken soup and that is what I was going for....yay.

Poppies hedgehog was out and about in her ball as I worked.  She has only been in it a couple of time but it has made a world of difference in her personality.  She is not as shy now that she is out and about more.  I was just finished with filling my jars and I noticed the ball empty.  I asked Booboo if she took Sunshine out of the ball?  She said no she hadn't I was scared silly at where she might have gotten and that we could not find her and that that would break Poppie's heart.  Mokie and the littles came to help and Poppie walked in as we were looking.  He and Mokie tuned the couch up and there she was sound asleep from all the exercise of her ball.  I was one happy lady, I was so afraid even with pokies and spines one of the cats might have killed her but there she was happy and excited to be found.

I hope all have a great day and remember today is the day of salvation if you have never received the grace of Jesus and accepted your salvation today could be your day. ..... tomorrow.  

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