Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Booboo's off to surgery.....

Today is Booboo long awaited surgery.  She went on a 20 mile bike ride in August, up the Hiawatha trial, only a short week after riding 8 to 9 miles down the mountain from our huckleberry camping spot.  Yogie and her went together on both outings.  I must say it was fun to follow them down in my car and watch the joy on their faces as they literally sailed down the mountain.  It really was a steady down hill run, and very few even small up hill climbs where they actually had to peddle.  The next week they went on an adventure with their school mates.  Booboo said that they had had a lot of fun. The chaperon later told me that Booboo biked like a mad woman always striving harder and harder, she is a little competitive one might say.  Yogie is on again off again competitive so sometimes gives her a run for her money but not with the constituency our Booboo does.  Well later that night Boo came to me with a sore leg and a lump sticking out of it.  We iced it and I told her we would take her in to the Dr the next day if it wasn't better.  It wasn't and we did.  The DR had x-rays done and sent her to therapy or about 6 weeks.  Nothing was getting any better so I took her to a specialist in Zootown.

The new Dr explained to her it was simply a bone spur on her growth plate and that the ligament was jumping across it. He refereed her to a sports specialist.  We went in and meant with the new new Dr. He was wonderful, he spoke to her, he informed her he had played ball against Superior when he played in high school and then he told her exactly what was wrong with her.  He said that growth plates have sort of little inner tubes around them and sometimes they get leaks and the bones grows in the leaks.  But our bodies are wonderfully mad and the body figures out right away that the leaks shouldn't happen and they don't again unless it is heredity, which it is not with Booboo.  They are technically tumors or spurs, almost never cancerous, but once were considered to be so if we look on the internet it will say lots of scare things so we are not to look or if we do we are to ignore them because he doesn't want Boo scared.  Long story short today is her day of surgery, he told her it was her choice and started to explain her options and she immediately said I want it gone.  I agreed because when the ligament pops across the spur it make her thigh jump about 3 to 4 inches and really does look painful and annoying.   So off on our adventure we go, it is just a few minutes before we leave, will update later.  We really would like your prayers, it is real surgery, the second Dr thought it would be office surgery and she would get her leg number and a local, but the 3rd Dr said no this is a child and she needs to be under so there is no danger that she feels it or the meds wear off during the procedure, it is to hard for kids to do it the adult way.  So please send your prayers, I know she has prayed and is "kinda" scared, I am thinking more than "kinda"..... I pray for your salvation which is much more important than Booboo surgery.... tomorrow. 

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