Thursday, November 19, 2015

Our dear Vegas came and went another year of being blessed by her...

Vegas did not come this summer as she has for the past four or five years.  She didn't slight us she just didn't come home to visit her family this summer she had plans to this fall but they were changed as well from what I understand.  She did however come this week to spend time with her dearly beloved folks who have both had some health issues this last few weeks.  She surprised me at Bountiful Baskets this last Saturday and promised to come see us this week.  She came out yesterday and there was not a person among us here at Nannyland that weren't ecstatic to see her right down to the littlest of us.  We had a great visit with her she always brings sunshine in her wake.  She has one of the kindest honest hearts I know of, she is from good people to be sure.  We shared the year we had had since she had come and gone.  She loved on all the kids, checked out the soaps and I conned her into being one of my guinea pigs for my "noxzema", all to soon she was called back to her real life when her Daddy let her know that the Senior Citizen meal had been delivered.  She did a final roundabout to see, and take pictures of the many animals that abound here.  She tripped over the kids things in the yard and never noticed, or never let us know she noticed the many many things that probably have places but no one has had time or the energy to put them there or see that a child do. So ends another one of our beloved annual events, of late, the time when Vegas gives up her special family time and share some of her lovely spirit with us.  We do so love her and miss her when she goes..

I pray that you have a great day and share your days with the special peoples in your life.  I pray that the number one person in your life is Jesus, no other person is as important as you having a relationship with the Lord and Master Christ Jesus.  If you don't know him you can so many many people would love to share him with you.  If not start by seeking him in your Bible or many be one from a friend or library..... tomorrow.  

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