Tuesday, September 17, 2013

At what cost......

I don't think any parent truly knows what they are getting into when they decide to become a parent.  I think in concept you can see the joy that it will bring and you may be aware of the expense but I do not believe that any parent can see or is prepared for the cost of parenthood.  I am not speaking of the expense because flat out raising a child is expensive and it varies from family to family but in the end all families give all that they have at the time they have it to their child.  I also don't believe any child is ever truly satisfied with what they have, that may be by God's design to give them incentive to seek more.  I think that as they grow, if you do it right, they become responsible adults that you can be proud of.  If you do it wrong they still become adults, and in the end whether you did it right or wrong they become what they want to become, they live the lives of their choosing.  There in is the cost of parenthood.  You do your best and in the end you can only watch as they live their lives.  Parents will always feel the blame but alas a good parents never take the credit, they have pride in the child's success, but know it is not theirs. They were the guide and sometimes the catalyst but they are never the one who succeed and in reality they are never the one who failed. Though some how I have never seen a parents who's child is struggling, failing or hitting rock bottom who doesn't grieve and doesn't feel it is somehow their fault, that they could have done something more to prevent it or to protect their child.   Nothing is harder than standing back and letting the child fail, and sometimes hit rock bottom. You never get over trying to keep them from hitting the ground as they take a step...... but sometime you should and have to.

Does God feel that way about each and every one of us.  Does he watch us hit the ground over and over again, wanting and needing to keep us from falling?  Does he grieve for our failures?  Does his heart bleed for every wrong we do?  I think he must he is after all a Father and what father doesn't sorrow for his child?  I also know God can, and does, let us hit rock bottom, he does let us fail beyond imagining.  He also is there when we are so lost and forgives us for the asking.  He loves us and has gifts for us beyond imagining if we but ask for his forgiveness and believe Him.  I have heard it said that some people believe that the only unforgivable sin is suicide, that is absolutely untrue, beyond a doubt, the only unforgivable sin is Non-Belief.  The only sin God never forgives is not believing him.  Ask any parent if they love their child and I can think of no parent who doesn't love their child.  I know some who don't like their child but none who doesn't love their child.  God is so much greater he always loves his child, he doesn't love the sin but he always love his child, he however can not forgive the child that doesn't believe him or ask for forgivness.  Do you believe God? tell him and he will forgive all the sin you have ever had in you, his son Jesus already died for all your sins, believe, accept his grace, and his love, for all eternity.  Nothing is worse than the cost of non-belief....... tomorrow.

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