Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Lord never gives you trials that you can not handle.....

The Lord never gives your, or maybe a better word is allows you to be tested with trials more than you can handle, or maybe again more than you can handle with his support.  I think that so many of us forget that a trial is a good opportunity to ask the Lord for help, support and love.  Maybe that is part of why trials come so God can have the opportunity to love and support you.  I think that those who cause trials are best left to God and his judgment. In JOB the Lord allowed Satan to test Job in anyway but death and in the end Job loved the Lord and passed the test and trials.  God rewarded him for his faithfulness and gave him more than when he began to be tested.  I think God takes glory in see us through trials especially when we pray, asked for his help and love, and mostly when we are not tempted to give up on God or deny him.  God rewards us for our faith in him and he enacts vengeance on those who would seek our down fall through lies, gossip, and false witnessing. 

I always find it funny, or more precisely ironic, when some one seeks to misuse others for their own amusement, and it backfires, and in the end they look like the liar, gossiper and fool they are.  So many people say "oh, it was a little white lie"  no it wasn't it was a lie and in the old law of the old testament a lie was breaking of the law, and the wages of breaking the law was death, no matter if you lie or murder someone.  I am so glad I live under the Grace of God and not the law of God.  I do try to honor the Lord by do my level best to obey his laws but I know that daily and minutely I fail and fall short of the glory of God in all ways. I can not be anything but a filthy rag in the site of God without the blood of Jesus to cover me.  I think that those who don't try and unceasingly run head on into breaking all of God's laws on purpose must surely be ever more filthy and worthy of the everlasting death that at God's judgment will be given them.

I want to say to the stalker that purposely gossiped and lied about me, thank you for the trial you met out to me, with out it I would not have sought God on my knees for his help and love in the trial that I was given by your malicious treatment andjoy.  I do know I prayed for you and that is more than you probably do for yourself.  I hope the God speaks to your heart and you hear his voice, I hope for your forgiveness from God, I have already given you mine because I do not have time for you in my thoughts or life.  I don't want you to be able to control me on any level so you were not worthy of my anger, I gave all of your malice to the Lord and the joy he gave me for it is unimaginable.  I am on a new level of understand with the Lord because I no longer have to fear my own anger as I  have learned how to give it to God and he is and can be a vengeful Lord when his own are mistreated.  I hope you pray to God for forgiveness.  I hope any of you out there who are not right with the Lord and have mistreated others get on your knees to ask God for his forgiveness for this sin and all your sins, because if you never ask and receive God's forgiveness you will spend eternity in the lake of fire with the devil and his angels..... tomorrow.   

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