Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Exodus repetitive and leads to Leviticus........ the stumbling block of many a reader. Or??

The Ladies and I have been reading the Bible all the way through this year.  We happily went into Exodus, with Leviticus on the horizon, in June and there we got stuck so to speak, we went in with joy and got stuck in the detail of unknowing and of why the details were so important.... I thought.  We had read the New Testament first because I wanted them to see, and try to understand, the Grace that the Law could not be.  We started in January so we were doing out best but alas human best always falls short and we fell flat on our faces in Exodus in June.  Our chosen time to study is at 6 in the morning, and when school was going it was ideal, well it is actually ideal for me all year long but it became a battle to get the Ladies out of bed they are alright with 7 when there is no school but they got a little bit cranky at 6 and so before long I, against my better judgment, gave up the battle. We gave up languishing in Exodus knowing that Leviticus was to come..... I had heard a Preacher on tv preach that Leviticus dashed the dreams of more people reading through the Bible many a time.

 I do not believe that God ever deals in coincidences, he has a plan and the secular world calls it a coincidence, those who have God in their lives know it is God's will.  I digress.  We went stumbling on with no morning worship of the reading of God's word.  I still read my Bible, and read many of my De Haan books as well, but as a family we were a failure in our study and reading.  I have happily purchased now 17 of M R DeHaan's 25 books.  I read they with such joy because I know God speaks to me as I study his word that they highlight.  They are not the kind of Religious books that take some takes one verse and writes a whole book or a self made theory from. They are whole pages of God's words from scripture and verse where the author tries to make it more understandable with the scriptures as his guide.  I look for each one like a person the follows a modern author and can't wait for the next one to come out; but with me some of them are so hard to find it is like I have awaited his writing a new one when I find it.  I always say the one I am reading is my favorite and I mean it at the time.  I can't wait to reread them again when I can slowly read them and the Word of God together to get more meaning from them and from God's word with the Holy Spirits guidance.  I got several of them this summer and joyed in the their reading.  Just as school was going to begin I finally got a copy of the Tabernacle, I say finally because I had won several of them thru Ebay but each time I won one the seller would cancel my purchase and not send it.  I would have to seek it out again, I finally got one just as school was beginning again, it was God's time for me to find it and receive it. 

I began it with the joy I always have when I am reading my "newest" book.  I was soon in tears and enthralled, it tore at my heart more so than any of the others had ever done. It for sure is my favorite and I don't think it is because of it being the one I am currently reading, it is the one that will always be my favorite.  It has allowed me to read Exodus and Leviticus with joy in my heart now.  It took me from thinking they were "just" books about a building and a stupid law that is no longer is our master.  I learned that the Tabernacle is so many many things, so much of Christ our Lord is it and it is him.  It is me, it is you and it is our relationship with our Lord.  It is a glorious revelation cloaked in porpoise covering and white linen.  I saw a tiny bit of what lays in the books that we so hate to study and read.  We, the family, have gone back to reading the Bible straight through, the Ladies don't find it any easier and Poppie tries to understand it as I once did, with dread.  I can't wait until I get to the end of the old testament because I am going to read M R DeHaan's the Tabernacle as our first study book in conjunction with the Bible as our morning study.  I think they will truly enjoy Exodus the next time we read them together. 

I learned so much about the Tabernacle while reading it but DeHaan said as he closed the we had just scratched the surface of what it was and we can spend a live time learning more and more about it and what it represents to us as Christians. I sat quietly this morning as I read the last page and lamented it's end.  I was so saddened at being done I turned to the beginning and started anew.  I had only gone in a page and God spoke to me, I was reading where Jesus was the tabernacle and I was the tabernacle and it came to me that the Tabernacle was the trinity of God in a way that I could for the first time truly understand, for me, how the trinity of God works.  The tabernacle, in me, represents the three parts of me, body soul and spirit, as there were three part of the tabernacle.  I thought if I have three parts then surely the tabernacle is the three parts of the one God.  God is the Tabernacle, as is Jesus and the Holy Ghost, they are the one Tabernacle.  I was so blessed to have God tell me it in a way I could in that moment understand.  I would encourage any of you to find the old book and set down with it, and your Bible, to see if what DeHaan writes doesn't give you new understand of an old book that so many despair at reading. I know I will never dread it again, I will probably read, and reread, it again and again with joy of the Word of God in his joyous book.... Exodus.

I pray that you read your Bible, it is life changing, it is the Word of God, and faith comes by hearing the Word of God, he give you Grace, Salvation and life everlasting as a free gift, and he even gives you the faith to believe if you "hear" his word, read it, hear it preached or however but hear the Word of God, take your faith and believe God's Word.  It is your only door to salvation..... tomorrow.  

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