Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Booboo turns a decade today....... I really will never know where time does go?

My oldest child was born 32 years ago this year.  I truly can remember almost all of the hours leading up to her birth, and as well, all of my children.  I was there at the moment of all of their births, 3 times as the active participant and twice more as an observer.  I did however cut my Booboo's umbilical cord and she has been my child from that moment in time. Imagine it was 10 years ago today.  I can remember the moment each and ever one of them were first placed in my arms as it were moments ago.  How can 32 years elapse in a heart beat?  How does a child go from needing me as much as they do breathing to walking away and never looking back?  I know my task in life is to raise children, to have patience for their antic and be ready to smile at their success even when I am dead tired and can't take another step. I also know when to let a child fall and fail knowing they will get hurt.... that is the hardest thing to do.  I had a teacher tell me in high school that I had the intelligence to do anything I ever put my mind to but; that I would chose to raise children and be a mother.  I was aghast at his insult and offended.  It took me 30 years to understand he meant no insult, he was giving me one of his highest praises, he must have saw in my something I didn't know existed or wanted to hide from. 

I spent the first half of my life running from being just some ones wife and just someone's mother, I grew up in a time when it was looked down upon.  I was raised by generations of woman who loved and feared God, and loved and cherished being just mothers and just wives.  I have finally, in the second half of my life embraced being with children, and surprise of surprises I am good at it.  I do have the patience to spend time never ending, though I be dead tired, their joy in seeing a button go into a button hole for the first time, still never gets old. The delight of their tying their own shoe.  Their accomplishment when they go potting on the toilet and get to flush, their triumph.  Their success at riding their bike for the first time, or the love I see on their dirty little face, the joy on it as they give me a kiss because they "did it".  The honor of sharing a child's wonder does no longer escape me, well I don't think it ever did,  but I no longer think of it as less than accomplishing something of great intellectual work at some place I should be other than home.  A child is a wondrous thing to help build and I have been given many, many children to help mold, a blessing from God.

Today my youngest child turns ten, she will be my last child, but probably a far cry from being the last child I help model, hold, hug, kiss or enjoy the wonder of their  life.  Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.  I love spending time with littles and God made me that way.  He has given me a life time of being there for children, sometime just to hold their hand, sometime to be their mother, their big sister or maybe just to wave at as they pass by going on with their lives.  I guess I am just a kindred spirit in life's big picture, and have had the luxury of knowing a mud puddle is lots of fun  and in the big picture who does it really hurt if we stomp in it and make it splash down on us like rain?  The joy of a child's splattered smile is totally priceless, and mud washes away as does the echoes of a child's laughter of the moment. Those moments are some of the most precious jewels God ever made, embrace them they are fleeting and priceless. Happy Birthday today to my Darling Baby.

 May the Lord have blessed you with your life's calling or be leading you to it, even if you are dragging your feet and screaming as I did.... I pray the Lord blesses you with his love, his Grace and his salvation, oh, the sorrow of a life not enjoyed and a life that never accept Christ, a devils hell awaits and that is the saddest thing possible in any one's or any one who loved you as their child's life.... tomorrow.

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