Sunday, September 15, 2013

Why would you keep goats for meat and then not actually eat them or know if you even liked them? I don't plan on being here after the rapture.

I had occasion to speak to a woman today that has several goats.  She has had goats for several years, some females and several withers.  She free ranges them and never pays all the much attention to them, they are happy to eat her weeds and hay.  Recently some one gave her a fully intact buck, she merrily put him in her herd, well need less to say, goat who are second only to pigs of farm animals that go feral and can take care of themselves, and do, they got busy procreating.  She is now going to be a grandma to her goats babies.  She asked me what to do with the possible 2 to 6 babies.  She wanted to know if I wanted some, I said if they are male I would be happy to eat them.  She said that her husband keeps the goats so that if the end comes and they have to survive off the land they would eventually eat goats.  I said why don't you eat them then?  You could eat them new born and they would be much like chicken or rabbit or raise them up and eat them.  She said her daughter wouldn't like that unless it was necessary to survive in the end.  I asked her have you ever eaten goat?  No was her answer, I am thinking that after the end and when you are scrapping to survive is not the time to figure out that you don't like goat meat, but to each his own.

  I am an admitted happy homesteader, I can, I garden, I farm and generally make due with what the good Lord affords me.  I prep to some extent but not because I am thinking I am going to survive the end times.  I know that in my Bible it tell me that the church or the saved in Christ Jesus are going to be taken, or raptured, so I am not going to be here trying to figure out how to survive the walking dead, the zombies or what ever else Hollywood has imagined.  I have read Revelation and know what to expect.  I will meet the Lord in the air, those not in Christ are going to have to worry so it really makes me scratch my head when Christians are so worried about their prepping for the end time.... just saying.

Please settle your salvation today, KNOW that you are going to meet the Lord Jesus in the air and not be subject to the end times that the non-believers will endure.  Today is the day of salvation it is yours for free, have faith, believe God and know that Jesus is his son, the joy of salvation can be yours this very day...... tomorrow.  

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