Monday, September 9, 2013

Tiling done on the snack bar, grouted and sealed we can soon use it. Poppie has to make the hooiser....

I spent the last few days intermittently tiling the "snack bar formerly known as the isle", the tile came out a perfect fit no cutting or anything.  I was able to use the tile on the edge as well so very nice.  I let it dry and then began the process of grouting it.  It was very expensive adhesive and grout, so I used my finger to put all the grout on so it would take less, well not take less but less waste anyway.  I did that in shifts, as well, and finally got it all done last night and this morning I was able to do the sealant.  It is officially done, now to let it dry and then put my big old piece of granite on it, that Poppie says will break my tile if I am not careful.  I told him I am not going to be moving it around so it should be fine.  Here are the photos, yay.

Oh and the stone in front of the snack bar is not the granite that is my bread making marble stone for the hoosier that Poppie is going to make me.  He is making it because I have the pieces, the flour bin, the sugar bin, the enameled tin slider and the marble and only a specific place for it so he is making it because to buy one to fit would be impossible especially on my none existent budget. 
I have green beans to can and Poppie has a hoosier to make.  I pray for the Lord's love to come into your heart and his grace to be accepted in your life.  I pray ever for your salvation, it is the only way to life everlasting no matter what anyone else may say..... tomorrow.

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