Thursday, September 26, 2013

Maybe I will teach a canning class...... or rent a commerical kitchen one day?

Canning season is winding down for me and is going to soon be back to just a few canner pans or pressure canners full a month as Fall becomes winter.  I would have normally said I was done for the year but with the treasures of Bountiful Baskets I can can all year which makes for less lazy jars than of old.  I have had occasion in the last month to be asked to teach several people to can.  I tell each one the same thing, bring a box of fruit, tomatoes or a clutch of chickens, jars and come over any time I will make time to teach you whatever you would like.  I think maybe I should just take a day, invite them all over at once and they can learn to can all at once but then I would miss out on the one day each with three of my friends..... a conundrum for sure.  I got two calls yesterday alone for what to add to the tomatoes and how long to can them and how long does stock or stock with chicken take in the pressure canner.  Oh, how I love to talk canning, well for those of you who know me you know I like to talk about anything I can help a person learn, I am a jack (or is it jill?) of many trades and a master of none really.  Anyway most of you know I like to talk, with my mouth or in your case with my fingers.  I got to teach a lady to make a dream catcher this week, teach some one to crotchet and some one else is waiting to learn to make toe up socks with alternative heels, what a mouthful for a simple pair of socks.  I digress. 

I made up and canned several things this summer that several people have suggested I make to sell.  I have looked into it and maybe one of these days will rent a commercial kitchen and do just that.  I do love to share what I make just for the pure joy of giving mostly.  What is a gift that isn't shared after all?  I will miss the daily routine of canning, it seems I have spent most of the summer canning any and everything I could get my hands on.  My pantry can actually attest to that.  I am finding of late I actually have to think of things to keep me busy.  I have cleaned my front room and moved it around twice, the kitchen is soon going to get tile and I will finally have time to actually grout the bathrooms and pantry.  I can't wait for Poppie to finish my hutch, and he is working on a family room which will give me more tiling to do.  I really won't have to look far to keep busy but there is something rewarding about taking jars our of my canner and finding a place for them in my pantry.

 I was asked recently if I worried about my jars going bad before we used them all?, the person had just found out I keep over a thousand jars.  I said no I never worry because we use most of them annually, think of it, if we only used 3 jars a day we would be out in a year, so not sure if she thought of it that way really.  I do like that I no longer feel obligated to only fill them once a year, the no lazy jar concept has sure enlarged my life and my thinking on what I can put in a jar.  I have soups in jars, something only a few short years ago I never even thought of, to make the soup and just use it when I needed it and it still taste homemade (well it was just not now).  I have mustards and hot sauces, ketchups and things that once I would have relied on the store for but no longer and my kids are the better off for it.  I know what they are eating in a more personal way.  So if you happen along and see me out and about and you want to learn to can just step right up and we can make a plan to have you come learn and I will share my generationally learned art with you.  Maybe the Lord bless you and your day..... tomorrow.

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