Thursday, September 12, 2013

Diversity? Wickedness? Someone might be offended. Conspiracy theories..... when does it end? Or is it the toll of the end?

Yesterday was the 12 anniversary of 911 and it was a day of remembrance for most American on some level, big or small.  Most I would say paused for a moment on some level to remember.  One of my friends posted a lovely link to a Budweiser commercial that was only ran once on TV.  I watched it and wondered why it had only been ran once.  It was moving, respectful and poignant. This morning I woke up and the news is reporting on people slamming different companies "using" 911 to sell their product.  Okay, so now I know why it only ran one time.  Someone somewhere complained it offended them.  How is it that we in America have become handcuffed by the one that is offended and no one cares about the millions that aren't?  I thought this was a Republic after all, look it up America is one, we are not a democracy, ahh, you didn't know that did you?  In a republic the rights of one is never supposed to out way the many. 

I often hear that someone is so glad of the diversity of America or some such and such place. I am not a fan of diversity.  I am a self proclaimed conservative and pretty much a fundamental Christian, not to the extreme of the Westboro Baptist cult, but I do hold true to the fundamentals of the Bible and God's well, as best I can.  I believe that diversity is a "nice" word for most of the sinful things that people want to do that are in complete disregard for the Bible teachings.  I am categorically against abortion for any reason, if God allowed a child to be conceived that child has worth, value and is God sent.  I won't go into any more of the other wicked things that this age and society thumbs their noses at that God says are sins.  I do believe that you hate the sin but love the sinner and that is a fine line.  Some many people condemn Christians for hating the sinner with out even having a conversation with the "horrible" Christian.  In this country if you are a Christian you are always the bad guy but if you are any other religion we are supposed to be understanding of their few, and not supposed to profile, but Christian profiling is the acceptable norm.  The Bible does tell us that Christian will be more and more persecuted in the end times. The wicked (diverse) will be more and more prolific and you just have to look out your window to see all of the Bible revelations coming more and more true daily.  So many say oh you are just a conspiracy theorist , no, I am realist.  God told of end times, and the days are moving faster and faster to his revelation.  We know not when but we do have the way of it clearly written in the Revelation of the Bible.  So enjoy your diversity, your wicked ways because God will only allow so much evil to prevail in this world before he can no longer abide it and the end will come like a thief in the night to those not watching, it says so in the Bible.  You only have so much time before God ends it all and if you are not saved by his Grace you will live eternally in a devils hell, and unlike the fantasies of Hollywood, the devil will not be in charge no he will be in the lake of fire burning just like all the other who are lost..... tomorrow.

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