Tuesday, September 3, 2013

School days begin in ernest today.... just a prelim last week.

The Ladies are well and truly back to school today.  Last week was a two day week followed by a day at the fair so it was not really routine orientated but today it really begins.  We had a nice labor day.  Poppie feed rabbits and then came home and helped me move the isle from being an isle to a u to complete the kitchen layout.  It is very beautiful in it's new place, it adds so much and doesn't take anything away from the kitchen in it's new position.  As an isle it was just to big and took more than it gave.  I wasn't sure in the end whether to tile it or not.  I liked the old patina of the wood but decided to lay the tiles on to see and the tile won hands down.  I ended up using a little bit of black tile to make accents and it looks so nice, I have to adhere and grout them today.  I think I may even add some tile accents to the side boards eventually but going to see if I can't find some truly nice hand made pieces to do that.  I now have room for a kitchen table and since school has started and we need to get back to the real world we need to have nice sit down dinners to talk about our lives while we were apart.

Bubbles is here today it is kind of funny just to have the one little one, she is always so quiet when it is just her and me.  She kind of just walks around and observes, and she absorbs everything she sees.  I have more zucchini leather to make for the school lunches,  it is definitely a winner in one and all's books, very easy as well.  Making a sauerkraut cake for church tonight.  Booboo's birthday is tomorrow and we are going to take a treat to share with the congregation tonight.  She told me she didn't want sauerkraut cake so I asked if she would like a nice moist chocolate cake, she thought that would be great so she is getting a nice moist chocolate cake with a secret moistening ingredient, sauerkraut.  She will love it.  Kind of dreary here supposed to rain all week.  We need the rain so that is nice.

I pray for you to hear the call when the Lord speaks to your heart.  I pray that the Word of God speaks in your life this day, how glorious that would be.  I pray for the lost that never hear the Word when it is spoken to them.  May the Lord bless your life... tomorrow.

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