Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ladies day at the Fair....... a nice family day.

We got up bright, and well not so early, and we were off to the Sander's County Fair.  The Fair I went to in my childhood.  I grew up in Plains, well between moves, and actually graduated from there.  Last year we had tried to get advance tickets but had missed the deadline, this year we were on our game and got the tickets early.  We saved a total of 14 dollar which was at least gas money.  The Ladies made plans to meet Blondie at the fair.  We left the house and got there a little after 11, no Blondie in sight.  We went through all of the fair barns, we admired the veggies, not one was near as big as Poppie magnificent 107 pounder from last year, the pumpkins I mean, the dahlia's were lovely, the gladiolas made me think of my dear Grandma Gladys and I got to share her with the Ladies.  We saw the rabbits, the piglets, the goats, sadly some were under weight and some had horrible horn removals, such a shame what people do to the beautiful horns God gave goats, but I digress. We watched some of the bull calf judging, checked out the sales booths, watched the old engine go chunk....................... chunk........................ never heard a slower combustion engine, it was made in 1907.  I remember it from my childhood, it was always a highlight of the fair each year.  We had burgers and then it was time, the awaited time had come, it was after the appointed time of 12..... the ticket booth was open and they could turn their tickets in for an all day pass.  Blondie was waiting there for them.  The three little ladies were off like a shot, which ride to ride first.  The excitement had begun.  They saw their cousins, Eldest, M and Buga.  Their grandpa had paid for their all day tickets and their cousins as well.  He hadn't gotten advance tickets and it cost him 150 dollars, ouch, but the kids had more than 150 dollars worth of fun, and that is priceless.  Poppie and I were fast running out of gas when Flower and Butterfly came along and went on rides with the girls.  They eventually, with Drama and Kings permission, offered for the girls to stay with them so we could go home.  Poppie knees were done for and I had had enough visiting time with Special.  Special is Blondie's 27 year old brother that has been coming to Church for the last 5 weeks, this week he, like all the little kids, gets a prize for coming 5 times in a row, Eldest, M and Buga are working on their 5 times as well.  Special, I would say is around 6, maybe less, and when you talk to him you know in a very short time he is special.  He enjoyed the fun of the fair, as all the other kids did, he spent a bit of time at the national guard booth, and got a hat, a shirt and something else I am not sure of what, for climbing to the top, I think they didn't have as much time to spend with him as I did and gifted him all they could so he would go show whoever was there with him so they could recruit non-special people.  We escaped the fun of the fair, Poppie and I are gladly at home awaiting the Ladies return. 

I had potato salad to make for Yogie, her choice of what she would bring to pot luck, I am making Booboo's huckleberry cheesecake as we speak and my southwestern cheese cake to go to potluck tomorrow.  I am sure the excuse of going to the fair is a good enough reason to have mom make your offering.  Just think most mom's do it every time, my Ladies usually make their own.  The day at the fair is always Booboo's wish for her birthday.  We will also have a Ladies day on Thursday when  we take Yogie to the dentist. 

I pray that your day was filled with special time, special people and special times.  I hope the most special son ever born gave you an invitation that spoke to you heart.  The Lord Jesus is the most special son ever born and if you are in him you have salvation, how glorious and wonderful, so much more special than a day filled with the fun of the fair..... tomorrow.

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