Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I don't think we are supposed to understand people, I barely even understand myself....

Do you ever just look at the people in your life and think "What are they thinking?"  I must admit that I sometimes look in the mirror and say "What were you thinking?"  I don't think God intended us to truly understand any one or anything.  Isn't the complete understand of something the death of your interest in it?  If you know all there is to know about something do you really spend any additional time with it?  Why would the people in our live be any different?  I know that if there wasn't still mystery in Poppie for me, I would not find him quite the interesting person he is to me.  He daily amazes me and come up with new depth or new layers.  People are not meant to be "understood"  surely if I know not myself to the depth and climbs how would anyone but God?  I don't know who I will be tomorrow, barely know who I am today and still contemplating who I was yesterday.  I know I grow eternally, an not just physically.  I become a new me each day because I am not in the moment I was just a moment ago.  Thus if I am ever changing then you are ever changing and our beings like the preverbal stone that grows no moss is ever changing.  Hmmm, when how would we ever begin to understand anyone.  I don't think we are supposed to, we are only to enjoy the communion we have as we pass each other along the path of life.  We are to just see glimpses of others as no one can know anyone like God knows all of us.  I don't even pretend to understand me like God understand me.  He knows the good in me, the hidden in me, the bad and the truly evil that lurks in me.  Oh, alas we all have the evil in us, we were all born sinners and only through the blood of the Lamb are we washed, so we all have that evil hidden in us. 

Today is the last day before the Ladies go to school we are going to make cookies and pizzas for the freezer in anticipation of the school lunches to come.  We are no longer participating in the school lunch program it is just to hard on my Booboo.  Funny I heard some part of a tv program a couple of weeks ago where a man was ranting on about how the Amish can drink raw milk but the rest of us "evolved" people couldn't with out getting sick.  Hog wash, that is just the brainwashing that idiots want us to believe.  The raw milk we drink is the cure not the villain, my child has not been in pain all summer like she was the last weeks of the school year last year, her body is finally clean of the poisons they put in our diets, have you ever really contemplated or read the list of garbage they put in our milk supply in the guise of making it safe and milk is only the tip of the iceberg. Really people you need to invest in your health and find out what you are really eating, and maybe you to would be finding a way to rid yourself of all the garbage being put in your food supply... Climbing down and off my soapbox.

May the Lord bless your soul, your life and your day.  May you hear God's invitation for salvation, understand it and accept his gift....tomorrow.

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