Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rhubarb and ?? Pie fillings. Baked bread, buns, and cobbler, escaping later to day, even in the rain.

My sister Drama gave me a whole bag of rhubarb a couple of days ago.  I looked up recipes and found rhubarb salsa and rhubarb bbq sauce recipes but in the end the frugal planner in my won out.  I ended up chopping it all up in to tiny pieces and got three giant bowls of chopped rhubarb, oh and Mokie took enough for a rhubarb pizza.  I liked that the rhubarb was tiny long stalks for the most part.  I chopped  it into the nicest small dice, small dice more rhubarb in a cup....  I made up rhubarb huckleberry with the last of last years harvest.  I got 3 freezer bags for 3 pies.  I next mixed up rhubarb blueberry, from the blueberries we get at Costco for the girls pies at the farmer's market.  I got 7 freezer bags.  I then mixed up rhubarb strawberry, from the strawberries I got at Costco again for the farmer's market pies.  I got 9 freezer bags and with the last rhubarb I made 4 plain rhubarb freezer bags.  So I thought it was a great day of work for the 23 pies we will eventually get.  I measured each bag out most were around 18 ounces but the one with strawberries they ran 28 ounces, not sure exactly why, more dense maybe?  I did make a wonderful huckleberry, strawberry, rhubarb cobble to take on our camping trip.  I would have canned them except I didn't have any clear-jel and I don't actually like canned pie filling as good as frozen so I used some of my precious freezer space, I did make sure the air was all out of each bag and they layed nice and flat so took up as minimal space as possible.

Freezer pie recipe for one freezer bag

Rhubarb Berry Pie Filling

2 cups chopped rhubarb
2 cups berries whole if blueberry, raspberry, huckleberry, sliced it strawberries... etc
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup of flour
1 teaspoon of cinnamon (optional)

Mix ingredient together and let them set and meld together for several hours until they juice up and the sugar melts.  Put the filling in a freezer bag, or freezer container.  I make sure to take out all of the air, or as much as I can and press flat so it take up less freezer space, I just use bags, less space as well.  When you use them you take them out of freezer let the bag thaw until it in malleable but in a pie crust, homemade or you can use the store ones, top crust or crumble.  Bake 45 minutes on 375 should have a golden brown crust.

Nannie's Never Fail Crust, as adapted and tested from years of baking for my family

3 cups flour
1 cup of lard, Coconut oil, butter or shortening ( all give you a little different flake)
1/2 cup of water
1 egg
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon vinegar

Combine flour, sugar, salt  in a bowl, with a pastry cutter or fork cut the fat into the flour until you have a nice crumbling dough.  In a small bowl combine the water, egg and vinegar.  In the middle of the flour mixture make a well, pour the water mixture into it the well and mix together.. do not add any more water just gentle knead until it is all combined.  Once combined wrap in plastic wrap and put it in the frig for at least and hour before rolling out.  Enjoy.

I baked bread, hamburger buns and cobbler yesterday for our camping trip.  It is raining today and we had been planning this trip for some time so we are still going.  We have camped in the rain before and sometime it is the nicest of trips.  Yogie has not gotten to go on a camping trip for year and that is her favorite way to spend her birthday time so we are going.  It won't be unbearable hot so that will be a blessing.  Fishing in the rain??  We are taking books and cards along as well, just encase....

May the Lord bless your life, your day and you.  May the Lord be upper most in you daily thoughts, you are the most special person he ever made, he loves us all that way, isn't that marvelous and so hard for we humans to wrap our minds around but he does.... tomorrow.

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