Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Apples, Tomatoes, peppers lots of peppers.... a moment to think before I dive in...

I have a busy day ahead, I have a turkey roaster of apples to make into apple butter, two cases each of tomatoes and peppers to pick up at the store, Lady is getting one case of tomatoes and 1/2 a case of the peppers so that will help a little.  I am going to make cowboy candy, Roasted Pineapple & Habanero Sauce, tomatoes and peppers, so lots to do but for a moment it is quite no kids here yet but my dear sleeping Booboo.  I get to have a minute to think. 

I have just gotten two new M. R. DeHaan's.  I got to read the first chapter of Jonah, I was so excited and couldn't even resist starting it even though I am in the middle of his Second Coming of Christ, which is a great book but I just couldn't wait.  How wonderful it is to have that much excitement about the Lord's Word and commentaries about him. 

I read a section of Jonah Fact of Fiction, that I would like to share with you this morning.  It is not on the internet so I will actually have to type it out myself,  good thing I actually learned how to do that, no hunt and peck here, I do hope I get it all right.  I will not add my commentary it speaks for it's self and with the new hype people have to prove or disprove the Bible it is sublime message.....

"M R DeHaan, Jonah Fact of Fiction... 1957.........

Must be a Miracle
This attempt, therefor to explain Jonah by natural reasoning and scientific investigation is a trick of the enemy to destroy the supernatural character of the Gospel which the story of Jonah illustrates.  One of the most subtle attaches upon the Word of God is the attempt to Prove the Bible. Men compass land and sea about, dig into the ruins of ancient Bible cities, and then expect us to become excited when they come up with some archaeological discovery which finally proves the Bible to be true.  What a clever scheme of the enemy to cause us to seek proof outside  of the Scripture itself.  The true believer in the Lord Jesus Christ needs no external proof of the authenticity of the Word of God.  He has the witness within himself, for he has had an experience of its truthfulness.  He believes it because God says it.

The Bible does not need the endorsement of science.  It does not need the proof of archaeology.  The Bible needs no apologies and no defense.  It has stood on its own record and merit for millenniums while the so-called  scientific  objections have fallen  and mouldered  in the dust of antiquity. Before  there was any archaeology  the Bible was able to stand on its own feet.  The older I become the more I see the folly of trying to prove the Bible.  Our Ministry is not apologetic, but the positive preaching of the "Thus saith the Lord." The late Dr. William L. Pettingill used to say, "talk about defending the Bible? Why, you might as well talk about defending the lion.  Let him loose. He'll defend himself."

All of this, therefore, is implied in the very first verse of the book of Jonah. 
In Jonah1:1 we read:  Now the word of the Lord can unto Jonah.    The book of Jonah, therefore, opens with a reminder that we are dealing with the Word of the Lord, and not the word of man.  It is not the word of man, but God's own testimony, and surely God does not have to explain His reason for doing things to His puny, insignificant creatures.  What brazen presumption to question what God says.  As though the Creator must stoop to the credulity of His creature, man would call God into an account why He does what He does..... "

Enough said, I think.  I pray that you believe the Word of God.  I pray that you seek to know more of what the Lord saith,  I pray that you believe... tomorrow.

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