Friday, August 30, 2013

Sadness, and sorrow, a part of our lives and a must sometime if you have to take a stand for right.

I had a horrible experience this morning, and can not or will not share as for one the person I had it with will read this and cry to one an all about me being a cruel being and how they are the victim of my meanness and have been for literally years. I will say that confrontation in never pretty, and always sad.  The sorrow is for things lost that will never be again, or maybe have been gone for years but it is always right to take a stand for the young, the innocent and the helpless.  I am and always will be a mother grizzly and sometime people forget I love my children beyond anything but God and Poppie.  I don't think that love is always about agreeing with a child and sometime is can be a tough hard thing to do.  Love is always wanting the best out come for your child but willing to walk away if that is the best way to help the child, or you have no other options.  I do love all of my children but alas two are children and at this moment they will always be more important and a much higher priority than the adults.  The adults can see it however the like but they must know I do nothing without thinking of those two little Ladies security first.  Sadly that is not always compatible with the wants or needs of others but I am honor bound to secure for them their safety and their needs before the needs of anyone else.  God knows that I take his trust of them in my care very seriously, their in lies the momma Grizzly in me. 

I pray for your safety in Christ, I pray for all my children whether they believe it  or not, I love but I don't always have to like, I am a human with all the frailties' that in tales.  Lord please comfort the ones who know you not and stumble alone in the darkness of this life without you to guide them.  I pray that they seek you for their soul as much as I seek you for their soul... tomorrow.

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  1. My life verse is Ephesians 5:20, Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;

    Some days it is harder to give thanks than others but every day I do, in all things. Amen


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