Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cubbie comes for cuddles..... Yogie is organizing my jars, clink, clink, clink... oh, I hope they don't break any!!

I am slowing awaking this morning.  I have read the two verses I consider my life verses thinking I like the one more than the other.  Shared them with the girls.  Listened to them practice their song that they will sing at the Assisted Living and the Nursing Home this Saturday.  They are coming along well with it.  Booboo began reading Proverbs 21, it is the 21st of the month, though Yogie was sure it was the 20th.  Oh, my goodness she just realized there are only 8 days until school begins.  Yikes!!  Boy comes in to show us that little Buttons is on the mind.  We had thought she had a broken neck two days ago as Elvis had thrown her out of  the play house window.  He got in trouble and is not allowed to touch any of the dogs now.  She in the end was a very lucky dog, probably only had a concussion but it was a scary thing.  Cubbie comes in right behind him.  She wants a cuddle.  So, I put my book up, and cuddle and start my morning, no resting here I guess.  Well there is cuddling.

I asked Cubbie what her mom in doing.  "She has crohns" she says.  I said, "is she sick?"  "NO, she just has crohns." her answer.  I laugh to myself, not about the crohns, but the blasé way Cubbie speaks of it, like it is normal, well I guess in her life it is.  I all of a sudden hear my jar clinking in my pantry, there is a pass throw between my room and the pantry, part of it will stay but the rest is just still not filled in.   I say "what are you doing with my jars?"  Yogie replies,  "we are sorting them out for you"  I say, "don't break any I am getting low."  She says, "We won't we are sorting the pints and quarts and putting them on the top shelf."  "okay, be careful and you can add the mayo jars in."  "What are mayo jars and where are they"  I tell her what and where they are and she and Boy move them into the mix.  They are my back up, well them and the older jars, which I used some of yesterday to can more green beans.  I made my Peach BBQ sauce up in pints, I think it turned out as good as my other two bbq sauces, so we should have enough to last.  I am going to sort out last years canning as well, they are all in the kitchen and won't be taken into the pantry but I will get them sorted and accounted to know what I still have. See if any is not a likes item is so I will dump the contents to the pigs and have more jars to fill with new stuff.

I have kids to feed, and will probably have Mokie's two oldest all day, Crohns days are not pleasant for her or them so here they will stay.  I hope she feels better soon, it is not a pleasant disease and I am glad she has few bad days and is in remission for the most part.  Zucchini Gummy worms to dry, beets, syrups and pineapple to make today.

I pray for the Lord to be in your life, and praise God for all of you that have him in your lives, how glorious that is.  Share God with all those who love you and they will see his works in you and look to him, how wondrous that can be.... tomorrow.

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