Thursday, August 15, 2013

Productive Wednesday......

Yesterday was my day with out kids in the morning so I took advantage of the morning hours to start my apple butter.  I put all the apples in the Pressure Canner but just boiled them until soft no pressure.  Booboo and I sieved them into the 18 quart turkey roaster, we added sugar, cinnamon, cloves and allspice and let them get to simmering.  My Habaneros and Jalapenos came in so went down and picked them up.  My tomatoes won't be here until Friday.  I decided to work with the habaneros first as I am splitting the 10 pound box of Jalapenos with Lady.  I decided I wanted to make a nice hot burger sauce.  I couldn't find a recipe that I liked.  I found a recipe for salsa that was made of roasted pineapple and pan roasted habaneros so with that as my inspiration I decided to create my own Roasted Pineapple Habaneros burger sauce.  I sliced and roasted the pinapple on my dry electric skillet, I got the cast iron skillet hot and add 20 habaneros to it.  Once all roasted I diced each added 8 hatch chilies, 4 green peppers, some vinegar and sugar.  It turned out wonderful once all simmered together, did I mention it is smoking hot.  It is right at the edge of being to hot for me and that takes a lot of heat.  I loved the look of it all lovely diced in the pot but decided that with the amount of heat it had in it it would not do well with big diced pieces so I got out my trusty blender out and gave it a quick blend so it in a thick puree.  It is still pretty, though not quite as pretty, but it is more taster friendly. It is hot and I ended up with a quart of the liquid left over so saved it to add to my cowboy candy as a little kick, nobody else here is going to eat the candy any way, and when I gift it it will have a little something something.

I finished up the burger sauce and got all my jars of apple butter filled and water bathing.  Belle called me, we had a nice talk on the phone, and then I took her over some greens, green beans and some of my Pineapple Habanero Burger Sauce.  We talked for a couple hours and then I got home and finished the last two water bath batches of apple butter.  It was a nice productive day.  I got 21 jars of burger sauce, mostly 1/2 pints, no one needs more than a 1/2 pint open of  it at any one time.  The total on the apple butter was 25 pints. 

I have to go start sponge for the bread, we are making it today as we are going to the Preacher and Pianist's tomorrow night for a BBQ so we won't be able to cook late.  The girls spent the night with Drama's Flower and Butterfly, so I figured I would get the sponge going for them.  We can make the pies and foccacia's tomorrow easily enough.  Just three littles today.  They are hunger so off I go.

I pray that the Lord uses you to tell others about the Lord Jesus, if you are saved in Christ, if not I hope and pray that you hear the call to salvation from the Lord God.  May your life be filled with the Lord and may you know the joy of being redeemed by Christ Jesus.... tomorrow.

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