Monday, August 19, 2013

Life just gets in the way sometimes......

I am sorry to say I have ignored you again, it is not that it is easy to forget you all it is just that time seems to get away from me more these last months than I suppose in the last 2 1/2 years. I have found that I just don't have time this summer sometimes to come and chat with you.  I will once school starts so there is that to look forward to I suppose.  We have gotten a bit off schedule so to speak.  I have actually been canning sometime up until after 10 so don't seem to be able to get up at my normal 5:30ish.  I know we will be back on schedule when school starts, yay.  I have made it my mission to fill all my jars up and I have actually for the first time in my life, canned 1/2 pints, 1/4 pints, and small batches of this or that.  It has been fun to try fun little recipes.  I have made hot habanero and jalapeno mustard.  Habanero hot sauce, the roasted habanero pineapple burger sauce, cowboy candy which has been fun to play with.  I got home from church yesterday and Booboo and I started cutting the corn off of 40 ears of corn.  I canned the corn and ended up with 8 quarts which I hate when I have an odd jar, today I am making ham and bean soup so I can can the orphan jar of corn.  I am using all the cobs to make corn cob jelly, I ended up getting all the corn juice made yesterday but I got 15 cups of juice and only had 3 sure jels so I have to get 2 more boxes to get the corn cob jelly made today.  I really can't wait to see how it tastes, it is supposed to taste similar to honey, and can be used like corn syrup but since it has never been at the high heat it takes to make corn syrup not a bad thing for you.  Can't wait. 

I did make 19 pints of barbeque sauce and finish canning, they have just a hint of habanero in them and even Poppie liked it so it isn't really hot, I didn't want to make it so he and Booboo couldn't enjoy them.  Poppie and the girls went to Thor's yesterday and picked 3 boxes that probably hold 5 to 6 regular boxes of peaches.  I was originally to can half of them for Thor but since he picked the ones off the ground and canned them himself, he gave us all of the peaches so peaches to can today, they are very ready to be in jars and I don't want to make any more peach butter.  I may try making some into peach bbq sauce though.  I will see how much time I have in the end.  I think maybe I am truly enjoying canning and not just trying to put food in jars.  I am nearly running out of shelf space in the one side of my pantry.  It will hold a minimum of  650 jars, not counting if I used 1/2 pints or 1/4  pints, all canned in the last month or so.  I am pretty proud of it being filled up.  Poppie has to get the other shelves done so I can start on the other side of the pantry.  My kitchen holds about 600 jars, I will have to sort out the canning and get a good count of last years canning that is still left.  I don't think I will put any of it into my pantry but just sort and use it up as we need it. I am thinking I will be needing more jars before the end of the summer.  I know I have over 1000 jars easily but since we do use them, and rotate them, I see no reason I can't have more.

My daughter, Goofy, passed through yesterday, she stopped in as she travelled through our state.  I got to see Elvis and Chubbie.  I was amazed that Chubbie, looks so like Bubbles and Cubbie, they all could be sisters they looks so much alike.  It was nice to get to see them if only for a short time.  I hope to get to see them again soon. 

I pray for your salvation, I know that that sounds false to some of you and that I say it all the time so you think it is something I say out of habit but it is not.  I do pray for the salvation of souls, I do pray that all that are called to God accept his invitation, I do pray for your soul and pray that the Devil could spend eternity in hell alone, wouldn't that be glorious?  God's grace is that big and God is that magnificent..... tomorrow.

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