Friday, August 9, 2013

Vegas came to visit, such a treat, chokecherry syrup, chicken and stock.... baking too..

Lady and I got to pick chokecherries on Tuesday but since it was Yogie's birthday on Wednesday I didn't get to process them until yesterday.  We had a marvelous time the Ladies and I they shopped until they had no more money left.  They got their hair cut, not that Poppie likes it but they do.  We had a great day out shopping, something we don't get to do often just the three of us. 

I juiced the chokecherries yesterday got 36 cups of juice, and since I didn't have 72 cups of sugar even though I bought 25 pounds when we were shopping I only made half of it into syrup, have to do the rest today.  Booboo and I made 11 loaves of bread and 4 pans of buns so part of the Farmer's Market baking is done. The rest of the baking to do today.  I finished up canning stock,  I had used my pressure canner the night before to make it and we got 11 quarts of stock, yay, and it jelled.  I finished the canning of with 5 quarts of green beans for the day.  I think Poppie is picking them again today, we will have nice bean this winter is all I can say.

My friend Vegas is visiting in town this week.  I am always blessed that she takes one of her precious days, to spent with her family from her vacation, and spends part of it with us.  We had a marvelous time with her.  She and I have only known each other for two years but she is like one of those people you meet and you have just known each other for every.  We can start a conversation and continue it a year later.  She is one of my new friends that I share an old friendship with, what a blessing, oh, and the kids all just love love her.  I was so glad to see her for the time we had.

Well off to make those pancakes, like time waits for no man, kids can't seem to either.  There is syrup to taste after all.  May the Lord bless your day, may heaven be your future and hell have no hold on you.  May you know your final destination and thank God for your life to come.... tomorrow.

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