Thursday, August 29, 2013

Another year of school beginning..... never gets any easier!

Today my ladies were up and feet on the ground at 6, they scurried here and they scurried there.  They had the last details of there first day wardrobe decisions a dozen times this week but there was the last minute, well maybe last hour, or indecision, "was that the real statement" they wanted to make? They excitedly fixed their lunches, "what should we put in it?", the options are many and "is that what I want to eat?", Questions abounded and then their excitement to be going back to school was palatable.  They were ready and more than happy to leave old mom at home and be off on their adventure.  I made them smoothies, and helped pack the lunches, took pictures of them and more of their staged modeling photos, this hand in the right place and their pose just right.  I watched as they left with a "see you mom", no tears this time or "do we have to leave you?", no last look back and a quick hug, but a more "oh, yah, bye mom"...... It is my fourth time of watching my baby leave in excitement of how they are going to conquer their world.  These two have never been singles really they have always been a pair, they are each others besties.  They are off to conquer the world together or as each others back up, and they need me less every day.  It doesn't get any easier, a tear of pride rolls down my cheek and mingles with the tears of sadness as they are each day the Ladies they will be comes out, oh the pride is there, but I know for sure this is the last time I will ever be this needed by them.  They will continue to need me yes, but less and less so every day, and really I wouldn't want it any other way, but it doesn't mean I can't sorrow for the loss.  NO, you mother's of preschoolers and kindergarteners don't have a market on sorrow this day.  God speed to my lovely little Ladies.

I have a house to clean, hopefully the swinging door of kids passing in and out of my house will slow, I love them all and want them here but I do have grouting, cleaning and canning to do.  But alas that will await me and be there tomorrow.  The littles will only be little once and can only need a hug from Nannie for so long before they don't need my comfort to mend their owie, let them come, I will have years of time to clean, grout and can........ they will be here momentarily, I love it, and the chaos.  A friend of mine once ask me how I survived the chaos,  I worry more about the chaos being gone and the silence being deafening ........

I pray for your soul, I pray for my soul, I pray for my littles souls, one and all souls, adult or child.  I pray that one and all get a calling from the Lord, and respond, because nothing is more sorrowful than the non-acceptance of the Lords gift, please listen for his call and please, please believe and accept your salvation..... tomorrow.

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