Thursday, August 22, 2013

What is normal? Why is it that we have to want to be normal? Why should I want to be normal or conform to what is you normal??

I grew up in a normal home.  Well didn't I?  I think that we all grow up in a normal home.  How could we not?  You don't know that you are not normal until some one tells you and shows you that your life in not normal.  Normal is a societal belief.  Society tells us what normal is or isn't once we make the mistake of listen to what society has to say about us.  I never meant a child that didn't live in a normal childhood because normal to them is all they know and what they know is their normal.  Ahh there is the rub, their normal.  We all are "their normal"  and that's where the trouble begins, it's "their normal"  we don't know that we are the "they in their normal" until someone tells us that we are in the "they" category. 

I have always know that we, well my family, didn't actually do the things other people did in their families.  I move 42 times as a child, went to 13 schools, lived in 6 states but I figured that was normal because that is what we did.  I am sure you had a normal life because that is what you did in your childhood.  We all have that kind of normal, and we for the most part accept it and live it.  We all live the lives we are given.  We never think of our lives as not being normal until someone points out to us we aren't.  We look at others and kind of shake our heads and wonder how they survive their lives because surely that couldn't be a normal life as it looks nothing like mine.  I think of them as the "they" and we all to a man do that at some time in our lives.  The bottom line is that there is no normal that is not our normal to us. 

I first really became aware of abnormal in an intimate way when I got married.  I thought my husbands family was so not normal.  I am sure in hindsight he thought my family was just as abnormal as I thought his was.  Funny thing we are now normal and both are families are so abnormal we can't quite figure out how they survive in their abnormality.  I think normal is relative.

I look our across the great array of my friends, and if you haven't guessed my friends are a rainbow of liberals, conservatives, hippies, hipsters, homesteaders, upcyclers, good old boys, logger and the list goes on, and they are all normal but they are all abnormal to one another, as are we all.  I get advise on how to raise my Ladies that runs the gambit.  They should be college educated and not contemplate marriage until they have come into themselves and have their future secure.  They should be allowed their friends, to make their own mistakes and they should be able to live their lives as free spirits.  They should this and they should that..... on and on.  I am sure that I should not make their plans for them.  I am not of the opinion that I should live or plan their lives.  I have been there done that and it doesn't work anyway.  I should train them up, and give them the best example that I can be.  Give them a good God based life as an example, and instill God in their lives and let them live their lives as God directs them to.  Enough said.

I don't think that anyone's opinion of how we live our lives matters in the long run, we have no right to make any judgment's about anyone.  God alone has the right to judge how we lived our lives.  I think the reality of this life is that we all get to be our own normal.  We each get to make our way the best we can.  School is the answer for some, but then look at all the over educated people in the homeless lines.  Look at the Bill Gate's who were the drop outs that succeed when no one who isn't a college graduate amounts to anything?  I think that God has a plan for the uneducated, the educated, the simple lives and the complicated lives,  I think God has a plan for all our lives we just have to let him guide us to it.  Your opinion and my opinion of anyone's life is of no matter and a waste of thinking. We should be worried about our own lives and our own goals whether they met with anyone else's standards or not, because in the end my normal or your normal is no ones business but our own.  Normal is a state of mind and we all have a normal unto ourselves.....

May God lead your life down it's path of normal.  May your normal be a path toward God.  May God direct you to your normal life and may your normal be a normal life in eternity with God in heaven....tomorrow.

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